IceChat Aliases

This section is for learning what Aliases are for in the IceChat Editor for IceChat 7. To add/edit aliases, open the IceChat Editor (CTRL-S). By default, the IceChat Editor opens to the Aliases Tab.

An alias is a command that you can add to IceChat, that is most likely a shortcut to another command. For instance, most people prefer to use /j instead of /join. the /j is just an alias for /join. Most commands need parameters, or extra items added. For instance, with /j , you need a channel name. Each word is numbered, and you can use $identifiers for them, starting with $1. So, if you do /j #icechat, $1 would equal #icechat.

The format for an alias is: /alias /command to do, so the /j alias would like like this.

/j /join $1

Lets say you want an alias to say hello to a person, so you just want to pass the nickname

/sayhello /msg $1 Hello there how are you

Now, to run this, all you do is /sayhello Nickname , NickName is replaced by $1, and it will msg that Nickname the Hello message.

Thats a very simple alias. Aliases can also be multiple lines. To do this, you use the { and } brackets.

/test {

/echo -a This is line one of the test alias
/echo -a This is line two of the test alias

Now, running /test , it will echo those 2 lines to the current (active) window.

To save the aliases, you need to save it to a file. Click on the Save Button, and give it a file name. Then you can click on Save and Exit, and your set, you can now use your new alias/aliases.

One word of caution, do not use aliases that are already internal IceChat commands. Things will go wrong.

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