IceChat Quickstart Guide

IceChat Quick Start Guide. Please read.

All these commands are easily available from the ? button right beside the input box (where you type commands, etc) here you type all your text, right side bottom corner, or the left bottom corner, depending which version you have. This will popup a menu called Basic IRC Commands.

To connect to a server, pick one from the Favorite Servers List, and click the Connect button below it.

To connect to a new server, and not from the Favorite Servers List - /server – Substitute with the server you wish to connect to. If you require to use a certain port , add :port to the end, ie: /server – You can also choose a server from the Favorite Server List, and then click Connect and Disconnect buttons for it.

Once you are connected to a server you can:

Select a new nickname/handle – /nick newname – Substitute newname for the nickname you wish to use.

Join a new channel – /join #channelname – Substitute #channelname for the channel you wish to go to. The # in front of the channel name is not required, but it is suggested to use it anyways.

To learn anymore , simply click the ? button and it will teach a few more commands, and read into the help files further to become more familiar with other commands.

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