The IceChat Console

The Console is the window where it will show all open Server Connection(s). A new tab is created for each new Server Connection. The tab will show the server name, and you can click each tab to switch Servers. By right clicking a selected/high lighted tab, a small menu will popup, according to what the current state is of the Server Connection. The menu only shows for the current selected tab. If you right click the Console on the Channel Bar, a small menu shows also. Below are the different items that can show for the popup menu that shows when right clicking a tab in the Console. The popup menu always shows the Server Name in the caption of it.

Connect Server

- This will re-connect the selected server.

Quit from Server

- This is a soft disconnect, sending a QUIT command to the server, and waiting for the Server to disconnect you.

Force Disconnect

- This is a hard disconnect, it will send a QUIT command to the server, and then drop the connection.

Cancel Connect

- If you are attempting to Connect to the server, but are not fully connected, this will Cancel the connection attempt, and disconnect.

Remove Server

- This will remove the Server Tab from the Console. You must be disconnected from the server to remove it.

Add Server to Favorites

- This will only show for servers connected with the /server command or picked directly from the Full Server list. It will add the Server to the Favorite Server List.

The console is also the window where you would send commands, if you do not have any channels open for that Server. You can right click in a blank area in the Console, and the Console Popup menu shows, which is editable in the PopupMenu / Script Editor, under the Console Tab. These Popup Menus are dynamic, meaning you can make changes to them, save the menu, and you do no need to re-start IceChat to use the changes.

To add a new Tab to the Console, all you do is connect to a server. You can select a Server from the Favorite Server List, and hitting the Connect button, or double clicking the Server in the list. You can also use the /server command to connect to a new server. You do not need the -m parameter, as all /server commands automatically open a new server tab. If you wish to use the same server tab, and not create a new one, use /server -c

. This will only work for servers that are connected with the /server command, and not from the Favorite Server List. You must be disconneted though, for the /server -c command to work. Also, from the ServerList Menu, Show Full Server List, if you double click an item here, it will also connect it, as if you were sending a /server command. If you select the check box Connect as Current, it will use the current tab (/server -c), as long as it follows the above stated rules, and you are disconnected.

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