IceChat Help


It is always recommended that you update to the latest version of IceChat, as fixes and updates come out regularly. IceChat will check once a week for an update, unless this is disabled from the Main menu.

IceChat is used to connect to up to (Internet Relay Chat) servers simultaneously and chat in channels to other IRC users. IceChat started in 2000, and has gone through many changes in it”s user interface, its design, and of course its many features. In January 2003 it was decided to make a brand new version, so a complete re-write of the program was started. This was to improve overall performance of the client, making it more robust, and also allow for greater expandability.

Icechat shows on startup the “Nicknames Window” and the “Favorite Server List”, and then the Buddy List and Favorite Channels are show as tabs. These can be resized on the width of the windows, and can also be dragged from side to side. The “Nicknames Window” will show all nicknames in the current channel, when connected to a channel, and will be blank when in the Console or in a query with a user or a DCC Window. The Favorite Server List is for adding your favorite servers that you like to connect to. Once a server is added, simple double clicking on it will connect to that server. Double clicking it again, after it has connected (which it will show with an Icon change), will disconnect it from that server. You can add as many servers as you wish to the “Favorite Server List”, or the Server Tree.

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