IceChat User Levels

This section is for learning what User Levels are for in the IceChat Editor for IceChat 7. You would use User Levels in Scripts, if you only want certain scripts fired for certain users.

User levels needs to be added as level:host.

To add a nick/address to the User Levels, you can use the /auser command.
/auser <level> <nick|address>
/auser 20 Snerf
/auser 30 *!*

To remove a nick/address from User Levels, you use the /ruser command.
/ruser [level] <nick|address>
The [level] value is optional.
/ruser Snerf – Removes all occurences of Snerf with any level
/ruser 20 Snerf – Removes Snerf which has level 20

To remove nick/addresses pertaining to just user levels, use the /rlevel command.
/rlevel <level>
/rlevel 20 – Removes all nick|addresses with level 20

If you want to list User Levels, use the /ulist command.
/ulist [<|>] <level>
/ulist 20 – Shows all nick/addresses with Level 20
/ulist <30 – Shows all nick/addresses with Level 30 and lower
/ulist >20 – Shows all nick/addresses with Level 20 and higher

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