IceChat 9 ChangeLog

Build 9.21 Jan 27 2018
* Attempt a fix on errors on Channel Joins
* Fix problem with and invalid IP starting a DCC File Session causing errors
* Fix issue that all servers were reconnecting after returning from Sleep, now only previously connected ones do
* When nicklist is selected, goes to nicks started with first character typed
* Added solution for latest framework for VS2017 - Called IceChat9-VS2017-latest.sln, uses .NET 4.71
* Added a BuildIceChat.latest batch file to the build folder using .NET 4.71

Build 9.20 Oct 27 2017
* Add solution for AutoAway message spamming, will only send once every 30 mins now
* Reverse Ctrl-Pgup and Ctrl-PgDn keys to go in proper order
* Minor interface updates

Build 9.19a Sept 30 2017
* Fix issue with multiple /server id=x commands

Build 9.19 Sept 25 2017
* IceChat Updater now detects if you are using the .NET 4.5 Build or not and will update accordingly
* Fix bug where some menu items from the Channel Bar menu did not work properly
* Fix bug with certain SSL Servers not connecting
* Menu Styles are now saved

Build 9.18 Sept 23 2017
* Remove trailing spaces from settings in Server Editor
* Fix bug with splitting long messages
* Make some minor adjustments to the away settings
* Fix mode y/~ coloring problem with the Nicklist

Build 9.17 Aug 26 2017
* Removed Advanced Settings option in Server Editor, show all by default
* Fix bug where screen can be blanked with certain characters
* Add new Plugin Event for SwitchTab, when a new window is switched to
* Fix /server id=X command, will not create new connection, if server is already connected
* Add new window for editing an Ignore Item
* Fix /ignore command to allow just a nick
* Added /colornick <nick> <color> command. Only works for the current channel. Use no color to reset
* Work on increasing stability in running with mono
* Add the ability to use CTRL-F1 -> CTRL-F12 as Hotkey events with Plugins, can trigger function on those keys

Build 9.16 Jul 2 2017
* Added options for /ignore command (-pcn), ignore just channel/private/notice messages (/ignore -p Nick)
* Added Color Settings for the Side Panel Splitters, under Other Colors, and fixed the splitters
* Fix status text after using /away commands in a query
* Fix channel search to not be case sensitive
* Added Quiet Mode List to the Channel Information window Tabs
* Fix a character glitch in display that causes text to overwrite
* IceChat now detects if there is a Time Zone changes, and adjusts TimeStamp accordingly
* Added Color settings for Side Panel Buttons, under Other Colors

Build 9.15 Apr 15 2017
* Fix MainForm errors loading in Visual Studio design view

Build 9.14a Feb 8 2017
* Added /loadpalette command to reload the color palette
* Attempt a fix for URL's wrapping text, and applying text color
* Add option to disable queries at the server level, extra settings for servers
* Add ability for plugins to disable opening new queries
* Change different update locations/builds for .Net 4.5 (in progress)

Build 9.14 October 8 2016
* When changing your nickname, and you have a nickserv password, it will re-auth with nickserv if it asks for a password again
* Remove the tooltip for the status bar
* Added /totray command to place IceChat on the system tray

Build 9.13d Sept 3 2016
* Minor tweak to the Server XML restore function
* Do not perform a whois when *status (znc) messages
* WALLOPS now show properly in the Console
* Ignore List now works properly with Nick!Ident@*, *!Ident@*, Nick!*@* wildcards
* Longer messages are now automatically split up (over 350 characters)
* Fixed bug where scrollbar may disappear on Server List when IceChat is maximized

Build 9.13a Aug 2 2016
* Hitting up/down arrow before hitting enter on a line will save it to the buffer
* Changed CAP LS to CAP LS 302 for IRCv3.2
* IRCv3 3.2 Change Host (CHGHOST) implemented
* IRCv3 3.2 Invite Notify implemented
* IRCv3 3.2 account-msg implemented
* IRCv3 3.2 echo-message implemented with Option

Build 9.13 July 3 2016
* Fix font problem introduced in 9.12

Build 9.12 July 2 2016
* Added Setup irc:// links menu item to Main Menu, to setup irc:// links

Build 9.10i June 25 2016
* Change some options in the Server Editor to be disabled when the server is connected
* Added servers will reconnect after system awakes from sleep, waits 15 seconds to re-connect
* Added option in display to sort nicks by nick only (no regard for status)

Build 9.10h June 18 2016
* Added Google plugin to source code
* Re-arranged the folders for all the source
* Removed MONITOR support as many servers that declare it supports MONITOR, and they do not

Build 9.10g June 11 2016
* Added popup menu for DCC Files in Server tree
* Fix channel info window not resetting channel modes on disconnect

Build 9.10f June 5 2016
* Added /aquery command to message all open queries on a server
* Fixed issue with removing a tab ion the console, did not remove windows, while in windowed mode
* Started with making backups of XML files on start up, used for restoring if XML file goes corrupt
* Fix bug with popupmenus from Server Tree not working when server was disconnected

Build 9.10e May 23 2016
* Fixed tabs flashing issue, was not flashing channels on server tree when channel bar was hidden
* /dns command now does a reverse dns if passed an IP Address
* Fix with Menu's for Plugins not properly refreshing , added a new event before menu shows
* Channel lists for larger networks made a little more efficient in listing speed

Build 9.10d April 29 2016
* Update some error extra handling for parsing identifiers
* Removed link to Codeplex

Build 9.10c April 16 2016
* Added conditional statement for allowing to use TLS 1.1/1.2 when compiled with .net 4

Build 9.10b April 3 2016
* Added -nosplash command line parameter to disable splash screen
* Added option to disable logging for entire server. Needs to be changed before server is connected.
* Added /rejoin command to rejoin last channel parted on server
* Added /rejoinlist command to show all channels parted on server
* Added /rejoinall command to rejoin last channel parted for all servers
* Added /rejoinlistall command to show all channels parted on all servers
* Fix issue with some nicks being ignored randomly
* Fix issue with closing debug window closes a channel list instead

Build 9.10a, March 26, 2016
* Fix Project file for .Net 4.5 / VS 2015

Build 9.10, March 25 2016
* Changed sound settings for the nickname in a channel to not override the channel message sound
* Added /colortab #channel <color#> to allow to change the color of the tab
* Added /emoticons #channel <on/off> to enable or disable emoticons in a specific channel
* Fix issue with IPv6 servers not connecting
* Fix issue with null items in the Server XML file creating errors
* Can now use color/bold codes in Fullname, Quit message and Auto perform in Server Editor

Build 9.08a, November 28 2015
* Transparency setting is now saved
* Fixed issue with Self Channel Message , $color not working properly
* Added Projects for VS2015 using .Net 4.5

Build 9.08, November 7 2015
* Removed IRC Search because IRCIndexer has gone offline
* Fix issue with queries being used when a nick change to a previous nick after disconnection
* Add ability to ignore hosts
* Added CAP NEW / LIST for ircv3

Build 9.07b, August 3 2015
* Fix issue with some user modes interfering with nicks (like mode -)
* Send away commands disabled by default
* Minor fix with Nicks not showing in the nick list

Build 9.07a, July 2 2015
* Fix issue with closing window and proper tab not selected in server tree
* Fix issue with multiline editbox not returning to top corner of box on Enter
* Highlite plugin updated to v2.9, fix more regex issues
* Updater updated to check for Plugin updates
* Added /updater command to manually run IceChat Updater
* Don't allow Settings/Colors/Server Editor/IceChat Editor windows to be opened multiple times
* Fix issue with blank value being added for QuickConnect window
* Ability to move AutoJoin Channels up or down in list
* Fix issue with Loading a new theme does not save the theme in the list
* Few minor fixes for the IceChat 7 settings importer
* Fix Close Window in Server Tree for Channel List not working

Build 9.07, May 9 2015
* Added account to to values sent for ChannelJoin event in plugins
* other minor fixes and updates

Build 9.06a, Apr 10 2015
* Fix Buddy List Issues
* Fix SASL Authentication, was not working some networks

Build 9.06, Mar 13 2015
* Change Close Window to Close Query for Query windows
* Highlite plugin updated to v2.8, fix more regex issues

Build 9.05, Mar 13 2015
* Added scroll bar to topic box in Channel Info window
* Added /searchchannel and /searchnetwork commands for the IRC Indexer service

Build 9.04b, Mar 4 2015
* Fix issue with clicking on X to close iceChat, and it auto closes channels if closing was canceled
* Panel behind buttons on Server Tree/Nicklist now set as color of Tab bar background
* Added AutoPerform Startup commands to Default Server Settings - These commands run on IceChat Startup
* /timer command now works with no server connection, to add a global timer, use "-g" for the start Timer ID

Build 9.04a, Feb 27 2015
* Fixed bug with manually connecting autostart servers
* Fix URL parsing issues, with dropping h from http:// and such

Build 9.04, Feb 26 2015
* Added option to lock window size, from Main menu
* Highlite plugin updated to v2.7, fix regex issues
* Fixed /switch command bug
* Fixed menu background color not being applied on startup
* Resetting default Menu Style now works properly
* Buddy List and Channel List header fore color now selectable
* Added extra channel mode parsing
* Added VBScript Plugin to Plugins Folder

Build 9.03, Feb 17, 2015
Fix reconnect issue with servers, erroring out
added /switch command for allowing to switch to a specific channel on a server (/switch #channel serverID)

Build 9.02, Feb 13, 2015
* fix some line wrapping issues with certain character codes
* Add reconnect time option in server editor (default 60 seconds)

Build 9.01r, Feb 11, 2015
* expanded /server command to allow for -i and -j switches
* Highlite plugin updated to 2.4
* allow for empty Away nick to disable changing nicks when using /away
* fix ircv3 issue with not sending CAP END

Build 9.01q, Feb 5, 2015
* Fix modes t and n not showing properly in channel info window
* Made topic box in channel info window larger
* fix error using ctrl-w to close private message tabs

Build 9.01p, Feb 4, 2015
* Fix nicklist paint errors

Build 9.01n, Feb 4, 2015
* Search Menu added for searching in client for irc channels/networks, provided by
* Fix issue with ()'s in url's
* Fix issues with windows not closing on middle click of channel bar in windowed mode
* Add IceChatBuild.4.0.cmd for users who have errors with IceChatBuild.cmd
* Nick complete (tab) now works mid sentence
* fix /names and /who issue

Build 9.01m, Jan 18, 2015
* Fixes identifiers not parsing properly with multiline aliases

Build 9.01k, Jan 15, 2015
* Fixes to the part events not working for Hide

Build 9.01j, Jan 15, 2015
* Fixes to the change events from server tree
* Fix saving channel position on BNC Connections

Build 9.01i, Jan 15, 2015
* Added Newtonsoft.Json.dll for parsting JSON data
* Added channel and network search under Search menu
* Search bar shows in Channel List after list is completed
* Add ability to change join/part/quit messages on a per channel basis, from the server tree

Build 9.01h, Dec 30, 2014
* Minor GUI updates

Build 9.01g, Dec 17, 2014
* fix html logging problems with background colors
* added Duplicate in server settings to duplicate server

Build 9.01d, Dec 5, 2014
* Switching to windowed mode now asks for a confirmation
* Ctrl-A in multiline edit box now selects all
* popups from plugins now show in windows as well
* Server Editor returns error if empty details entered

Build 9.01c, Nov 16, 2014
* have channel bar icons in sync
* fix html logging problems

Build 9.01b, Nov 10, 2014
* fix popup menu commands not working
* /names and /who now work for channels you are not in
* middle click in Server Tree now also closes Channel lists
* added [] as valid characters in URL's
* allow half-ops to remove bans from Channel Info window
* Multiline inputbox, Shift-Enter goes to new line, Enter now sends message
* Show user mode for channels in status bar

Build 9.01a, Oct 11, 2014
* restore to previous utf8 decoding, new way did not work

Build 9.01, Oct 8, 2014
* work on detached windows closing, errors
* start of remember/restore tab order

Build 9.01, Oct 7, 2014
* silence messages returned with proper formatting
* pinning allowed for more types of tabs
* window captions show network for channels and queries
* added window list to windows menu in windowed mode
* /names command now allows a nicklist refresh
* changed add to autojoin to toggle autojoin in menu
* fix issue with alt nicks overriding main nick setting
* fix issue with not showing topic bar option

Build 9.0, Sept 25, 2014
* ctrl-bksp now works mid-sentence
* multi-threading updates
* added display option for single row channel bar
* can pin/unpin tabs on channel bar (console and channels) by right click channel bar menu

Build RC 8.61, Sept 20, 2014
* Can export a channel list with /export command or from channel bar popup menu

Build RC 8.6, Sept 18, 2014
* Fix freezing issue
* Added small mark on connect/disconnect icons for AutoStart servers in Server Tree

Build RC 8.555, Sept 18, 2014
* Text trimming in Channel windows speed improvement
* Added Connect on Startup Menu item to server tree popup

Build RC 8.541, Sept 18, 2014
* IAL Bug Fix

Build RC 8.53, Sept 14, 2014
* fix ctrl-bksp leaving an extra character
* fix clicking enter in add theme box not adding the theme
* temporarily disable re-loading channel logs, because of performance issues

Build RC 8.52, Sept 12, 2014
* fix ssl connection errors / freezing

Build RC 8.51, Sept 11, 2014
* Added -disableauto command line parameter, to disable auto starting of all servers
* blank/null autojoin channels won't cause client to crash
* away status nicks are italic font in nick list

Build RC 8.5 Sept 11, 2014
* Fix text trimming issue with losing new lines
* Fix issue with console log location

Build RC 8.45 Aug 16, 2014
* Channel reloading logs works much better
* Sounds play more consistently

Build RC 8.44 Aug 15, 2014
* Fix buddy list with BNC connections

Build RC 8.43 July 28, 2014
* Added error handling for corrupt XML settings file
* Fix plain text logs to strip out extra codes
* Clicking of close button in Console Tabs a bit more accurate

Build RC 8.42 July 20, 2014
* Fix issue with selecting a server in the server tree while in windowed mode
* Holding CTRL Key while selecting text does not copy to the clipboard
* Middle click a URL copies it to the Clipboard

Build RC 8.41 July 19, 2014
* Improvements with reloading Channel Logs (continueing)
* Fix issue with Send/Reset buttons
* Improve sound playing

Build RC 8.4 July 9, 2014
* Fix bug with Query/Channels windows not opening when on System Tray
* Added BuildIceChat.cmd file to build IceChat 9 from command line

Build RC 8.4 July 8, 2014
* Minor GUI updates to Server Editor
* Fix /ignore enable|disable

Build RC 8.4 July 1, 2014
* Minor GUI updates

Build RC 8.4 April 24, 2014
* Added colored tabs for Sidebars and Console
* Added options to change System Tray Icon and Text
* Added autojoin on invite channel option
* Added server-time-iso capability for ZNC
* Send button now hides in Multiline Editbox if specified
* Middle click opens url's as well
* New Option for saving Channel logs and Reloading
* Server Silence response shows properly now

Build RC 8.3 March 23, 2014
* Fix issue with connecting to an IRC server with just an IP Address
* ircv3.2 username-in-host capability added
* Added Logged in as to User Info Window
* Added ability to message user in Info Window
* Keep toolbar and channel bar in proper place when hiding and restoring
* LinkClicked plugin method now returns a value, allows override
* Allow color codes in timestamp and display names for servers
* Fix scrolling text issue when program is minimized
* Fix bug with debug window closing when closing a @window
* Add IRCv3 options in Server Editor

Build RC 8.21 February 10, 2014
* Fix issue with hand icon not showing for links

Build RC 8.2 February 9, 2014
* Fix some URL issues with links being broken when clicked
* Added ability from Debug Window popup to de-select servers for showing raw data
* Expanded plugin framework to allow disabling certain events

Build RC 8.11 January 26, 2014
* Fix issue with windowed mode closing windows
* Fix issue with system tray notification settings
* Added ColorPalette.xml file to allow color palette changes

Build RC 8.1 January 25, 2014
* Fix dcc chat buffer size issue with windows 8
* Fix new query not properly showing when on System Tray
* Start remembering individual channel sizes / options
* Fix issue with nick colors not updating after mode change
* Added ability to disable sending away/return messages per server

Build RC 8 December 27, 2013
* Sound event New Channel message also works for action
* Sound event New Private message also works for action
* Sound event Nickname said in channel also works for action
* Sound event Nickname said in private also works for action
* Added TaskBar Flash Settings
* Moved some Main settings to Notifications settings
* Added buddy notification to tray notifications
* Added option to move logs folder
* Fix issue with /nick command and extra space
* Fix issue with PREFIX= and invalid values
* Added windowed mode to display settings
- windowed mode in its infancy,
- does not save window positions yet

Build RC 8 November 16, 2013
* Fixed linked URL's with wrapped lines
* Fixed crash when adding a new server
* /echo command echo's to console if on a different server
* Nick list caption shortened if too long

Build RC 8 October 21, 2013
* Improvements to Windowed Mode

Build RC 8 September 28, 2013
* Allow tabs to go into windows, with new window resize button

Build RC 7.4 September 27, 2013
* Middle mouse click was not closing tabs properly
* Highlite Plugin updated to v2.1
* Add option in events settings for nick change events
* Some log file fixes/updates

Build RC 7.3 September 20, 2013
* Save window State on exit / system tray restore
* Save docked panel items positions and locations
* Can drag/re-arrange tabs for left and right panel items
* Fix issue with trying to close the Console Tab with close button
* Emoticon and Color picker options work better
* Option added to hide send button
* Change text back to proper rendering, not fuzzy anymore
* Fix some issues with text selection (still improving)

Build RC 7.2 September 2, 2013
* Fix bug with not being able to close windows from menu
* Fix channel messages not coming into channel properly

Build RC 7.1 September 1, 2013
* Add ability to change incoming server data with plugin
* Fix bug with Channel Bar not showing multiple rows
* Fix bug with clicking on header in nicklist in Query

Build RC 7 August 31, 2013
* Channel and User Info windows no longer modal
* Quick connect window no longer modal
* Updated User Info Window
* Added system tray icon options and notifications
(Only shows server connects/disconnects for now)

Build RC 7 August 27, 2013
* Added fonts button to toolbar
* Fix away messaging
* Add nick change messages to queries if open

Build RC 7 August 25, 2013
* Minor updates and fixes

Build RC 7 August 15, 2013
* Add Fonts button to toolbar
* Improve text selection to clipboard

Build RC 7 August 10, 2013
* Fix CTCP Message problems issued by some clients
* Fix unread text marker issues
* Change channel bar to span entire width of client
* added /onotice command
* Fix error log that it does not create a new one every start up

Build RC 6.6 March 23, 2013
* Ability to connect to hostname for a BNC Server
* Ability to connect to hostname for a Proxy Server

Build RC 6.5 March 23, 2013
* Open Settings/Color/Editor windows and can still use Editbox

Build RC 6.4 February 22, 2013
* Added reset button below send button when in MultiLine Editbox
* Fixed crash in Mono on empty popup menus
* Fix PING replies

Build RC 6.3 February 14, 2013
* Added option to play sound in active window if matched
* Fixed bug with not being able to connect to hybrid servers
* Fixed bug with certain plugins crashing on startup
* Added some different control codes for underline and italic in editor
* More changes made to auto-updater

Build RC 6.2 February 12, 2013
* Fix issue with unable to connect to Hybrid servers
* Added channel settings to remember No Color Mode, Events Disable

Build RC 6.1 February 9, 2013
* Fix issue with error box coming up on start

Build RC 6 February 3 2013
* Added option to not show topic bar in channels in Display settings
* Some minor updates to chat window redrawing speed

Build RC 5.2 January 27 2013
* Added ability to change background images for Nicklist and Server Tree
* Added menu items under View Menu for Nick List and Server Tree BG images
* Added $rand() identifier
* Some fixing to DCC code, but needs further testing


Build RC 5.1 January 20 2013
* Fixed disabled plugin not properly disabling
* Fixed minor issues with font selection
* Fixed issue with autojoin delay not working
* Fixed issue where channel part message would not show in console for self
* Fixed issue with adding a emoticon or a color from color picker erased text in box
* Fixed issue with 2nd line of channel topic links not working
* Added ability to have text after Nick complete, in IceChat Display Settings
* Added ability to log @window windows (on by default)
* Added OnWhoReply to Plugin Methods
* Added more IRCv3 capabilities
* Added under Events settings Server Messages, Notices, Errors
* Added under Events settings Channel Notices
* Made slight change to messages for Channel Part, added brackets in, if reason exists


Build RC 5.0 September 15 2012
* Added AutoJoinChannel to plugin events
* Added RejoinChannel to plugin events
* Added AutoPerformCommand to plugin events
* Added DNSResolve to plugin events
* Auto Join Delay between channels to server editor (1 second)
* Fix crash with Changing colors and not selecting a message
* Make URL's single click
* When panel is docked to side, hovering over tab does not open, need to click
* Fix # parse for nick popup in channel window
* Added ability to Parse identifiers inside plugins (args.Connection.Parse())
* Attempt fix at scrollbar at bottom / resizing issue


Build RC 4.12 August 22, 2012
* parsed whowas information properly
* more fixes to text selection
* bold text implemented

Build RC 4.11 August 13, 2012
* Added Logging menu items to Channel Popup in Server Tree
* Redo text selection, make more accurate (work in progress)
* Reimplemented tab dragging/moving
* While Channel List is in progress, can not close window
* Fix some minor issues with HTML logging
* Added /beep command


Build RC 4.1 August 10, 2012
* Fix bug with selecting Default Theme
* Fix bug with : appearing in channels names and not properly displayed
* Fix Highlite plugin to work properly with wildcards
* Change Channel Notice for Server Tree colors to go under Other
* Fix some encoding issues with UTF8, default encoders to utf8
* Fix url parsing to allow ! in url
* FormMain now shows in DesignView with no errors in VisualStudio (thanks KommerszUnicum)
* FormColors now shows in DesignView with no errors in VisualStudio
* Placed IceDockPanel in its own Control
* Copy issue from IceChat with line-wrapping fixed
* Fix issue with Initializing plugins using Load Plugin
* Fix issue with autojoin channels joining out of order
* Fix color issue with Server Tree and default state
* Fix problem with cancel characters not working
* Add hyperlink color option in Other Colors (default Red)


Build RC 4 July 1, 2012
* Added some extra colors for server tree event colors


Build RC 4 July 1, 2012

  • Added some extra colors for server tree event colors

Build RC 3.6 June 10, 2012
  • Disabled sending all Server Errors to all windows, only Console and Current
  • Added $plugins, $totalplugins and $plugin() identifiers
  • $plugin() identifier adds .name, .version, .author, .enabled and .filename properties
  • ipv6 support added, only works with ipv6 IP addresses currently
  • Plugins are now loaded in seperate thread to stop client on loading and freezing

Build RC 3.5 May 28, 2012
  • Fixes to links that are wrapped

Build RC 3.4 May 22, 2012
  • Added popup menu's for @window tabs

Build RC 3.3 May 21, 2012
  • Fix some word wrapping, text linking issues
  • Fix issue with @window being opened from plugin , causing errors
  • Add Font setting for Channel Bar
  • Added IRCv3 multi-prefix
  • Added IRCv3 SASL Capabilities, added SASL Settings in Server Settings Window

Build RC 3.20 April 25, 2012
  • Added Channel Bar back in, removed dragging until issues get fixed

Build RC 3.14 April 9 2012
* Minor updates and fixes to DCC

Build RC 3.13 February 28, 2012
* Minor update to fix nick coloring issue

Build RC 3.12 February 27, 2012
* More minor updates and changes to the IceChat Updater and added an MP3 Player class

Build RC 3.1
* Change how updater works, downloads new updater everytime there is an update

Build RC 3 February 9, 2012
* Minor fixes and updates to IceChat 7 Settings Importer


Build RC 2.87 February 4, 2012
* Make slight adjustment to HighLite Plugin to work with wildcards
* When nickname is in use, no longer adds random numbers, waits for /nick command
* Fix tooltip color issue for nicklist and serverlist
* Have irc:// links working in Windows, needs Admin privs to set

Build RC 2.86 February 3, 2012
* Added events to channel popup menu from Server Tree, to disable events
* IceChat 7 theme importer completed

Build RC 2.85 January 27, 2012
* Save whether or not a Side Panel is Docked or not
* Added possibility to override nick colors/nicks/hosts with plugin
* Added Themes to View Menu
* Channel hop does not close the channel window


Build RC 2.84 January 1, 2012
* Fix issue with client disconnects, add a keep alive variable

Build RC 2.83 December 20, 2011
* Fix channelmode problems on server that do not send them
* Fix issues with sizing with DPI 120 setting

Build RC 2.82 December 18, 2011
* Minor changes to menu colors
* Fix /msg not showing if channel or nickname window was not open

Build RC 2.81 December 17, 2011
* Fix issue with double clicking a link sometimes adding extra text
* Change tab order of items in Server Editor and Main Options
* Make changes to menu colors and back colors

Build RC 2.8 December 17, 2011
* Fix DCC Chat issues, errored on connect
* Fix more DCC Send and Receive issues
* Added better workability with the multiline edit box

Build RC 2.7 December 2, 2011
* Fix Timestamps parsing with emoticons
* Fix buddy list stop working after 25+ buddy's were in the list
* Added ability to double click a nickname in the buddy list to open query
* Buddy list shows server name in tooltip
* Make the /msg command properly echo to the channel as a message
* Added /scid command /scid <ServerNumber/NetworkName> /command [parameters]
* Fixed Topic font size, did not change from initial size, and did not resize properly
* Fixed bug with certain text causing text window to error and blank

Build RC 2.6 November 16, 2011
* Fix issue with nicklist showing tooltips in Querys
* Make Tab Complete loop through a Sorted Nicklist, not the un-sorted list
* Add DCC File Events to Plugin Framework
* Added option to Disable Timestamp
* Added option to disable asking to quit on program close
* Added option to flash taskbar when minimized or not active
* Added if no channel prefix is added to a channel join, the 1st CHANTYPES value is used
* Start on importing IceChat 7 settings, not completed yet


Build RC 2.5 September 14, 2011
* Add in better error reporting for saving in the IceChat Editor
* Fix showing of DCC Files Window in Server Tree

Build RC 2.4 September 4, 2011
* Fix issue with Debug window not showing in the Server Tree
* Add popup menu for Channel List in the Server Tree
* Fix issue with ChannelKick event in Plugins, Host now passes self nick

Build RC 2.3 August 30, 2011
* Automatically export English.xml Language file to Languages folder if it does not exist
* Add /timers command to show all timers for current connection, shows in Console
* Add $timer(id) identifier, with properties .id, .reps, .count, .interval and .command
* Fix issue with closing a window, Server Tree does not show proper window highlighted
* Add in the $+ identifier, used for joining to other words/identifiers

Build RC 2.2 August 21, 2011
* Double clicking the expand/collapse icon in the server tree does not cause a connect/disconnect
* Added $osbits to return if we are using a 32bit or 64bit OS
* Fixed issue with pasting 2 lines, but 2nd line was blank, would paste as 2 lines
* Add scrollbar to Topic Bar

Build RC 2.1 August 19, 2011
* Add ability to show a settings form for a plugin, from the Plugins Menu
* Plugins settings (if enabled or disabled) remembered in IceChatPlugins.xml file
* Remove the channel bar completely
* Add a close button menu item to the Menu bar to close the current window

Build RC 2.0 August 14, 2011
* Add ability to Enable/Disable a Plugin from Options Menu
* Fix loading of plugins in Mono from start of Program
* Ability to Enable/Disable a Plugin, does not unload it, just disables it
* Fix scrollbar in channel list/search bar and make search ability to search channel name and topic
* Add a background image to a channel,query,console, @window from /bg command
* Allow to use a web image for a background image using full URL
* Allow DCC Chat messages to show and parse /me messages
* Add option to Autoget IP Router IP Address
* Add menu item for Server Tree popup menu to remove a Server


Build RC 1.5 August 7, 2011
* Flash Tray icon command /flashtray added with optional message (/flashtray The Message to show)
* Fix Highlite plugin to run optional command if added
* Change some of the icons for the program

Build RC 1.41 August 5, 2011
* Add missing file for Highlight Plugin

Build RC 1.41 August 4, 2011
* Fix issue with Auto starting server connections and Exception Errors

Build RC 1.4 August 3, 2011
* Fix some glitches caused by running server connections in seperate threads
* Plugin Framework reworked, now can use overriden methods, not interface

Build RC 1.3 August 1, 2011
* Fix Scrollbar issue with new windows where a lot of text gets entered, but does not show
* Fix Scrollbar issue on Nicklist overlapping Nicklist Buttons panel
* Add option to keep channel tab open if you get kicked
* Add option to show advanced server settings in server editor, disabled by default
* Added CTRL-Backspace removes a word at a time
* BNC Settings added into Server Editor
* Add in Server Editor "Show Advanced Settings" to show proxy/bnc/notes tabs
* Add $md5() identifier
* Strip colors out of Channel List topics
* Add 'Add to Autojoin' for popupmenu for channel in server tree
* Add right click menu for channel list, add 'Add to Autojoin' and 'Join Channel'
* Add /clearall command to clear all the text windows and console tab windows


Build RC 1.2 July 21, 2011
* Fix Scrollbar issue with new windows where a lot of text gets entered, but does not show
* Fix Scrollbar issue on Nicklist overlapping Nicklist Buttons panel

Build RC1.1 July 20, 2011
* Updater now shows progress bar status for each file to be downloaded
* Fix problem with channels clearing when settings changed, and Maximum text lines did not change
* Fix bug with selecting item in Nicklist Popup with no command, sends :No text to send
* Fix bug with $server and $port not parsing on server connect
* Fixed docking problem for side panels
* Ability to drag servers in the Server Tree up and down the list
* Added option to Show Hosts in Nick List under Display Settings
* Added option to Show Nick List buttons under Display settings
* Added option to Show Server List buttons under Display settings
* If pasting 5 or more lines, client asks if you wish to proceed
* Fixed more DCC File Receiving problems
* Fixed colors to be the same colors as IceChat 7
* Server Disconnect errors should show disconnect in server tree

Build RC1 July 5, 2011
* Minor fix to Tabs on Side Panels
* Major update to Plugin Framework, access to Connection Class added
* Will need to re-compile all Plugins
* Plugins folder moved from Appdata/Plugins to Program Files\IceChat\Plugins
* Fixed quickconnect button, does not crash anymore

Build Beta 7 June 20, 2011
* Added option to use external command for playing sound files, can be specified in plugin
* More code fixes to un-bind connection class from main form
* Fix double click crash in Debug Window
* Start showing as IceChat 9, not IceChat 2009

Build Beta 6 June 11, 2011
* Fix bug with parsing channel modes on some networks
* Fix bug with losing the host for nicks in the nick list

Build Beta 5.4 June 9, 2011
* Fix bug with screen buffer clearing randomly
* Fix and finalize the Simple Script Plugin

Build Beta 5.3 June 7, 2011
* Fix bug with screen clearing when buffer got full
* Remove 'unload plugin' from Plugins, and allow to load a plugin from menu

Build Beta 5.2 May 25, 2011
* Added setting for maximum number of text lines
* Changes to Plugins to allow tabs to be added to Editor


Build Beta 5.1 April 30, 2011
* Added DCC File changes submitted
* Fixed issue with Server Errors showing in all windows, not in proper places
* Added /closequery and /closeallquery for closing all Query Windows for current server or all
* Added a Mute All Sounds item to the Options Menu to disable playing any sounds
* Added $+ identifier for joining 2 words together
* Added option to Minimize to Tray
* Added if IceChat is closed on Tray, it will restart on Tray
* Added basic word wrapping


Build Beta 5 February 26 2011
* Fix bug crash while attempting to connect with SSL to an NON-SSL Server Port
* Fix bug with popup menus running a blank command
* Fix problem with connecting servers not being properly selected from Server Tree
* Fix nicklist buttons causing crash when clicked in the Console
* Fix /kick command now works if you dont specify a channel, uses current channel
* Fix irc:// links with channel specified now properly joins the channel
* Fix UserInfo and Channel Info windows now have text areas stretch with window resizing
* Remove extra messages from server timeouts and disconnects
* On a server error, sends the message to the console and now all open channels
* Using /server with + port (for SSL) enables the Accept Invalid SSL Certifiates option

Build Beta 4.1 February 17 2011
* Adding a new buddy with /buddylist now should update the BuddyList much quicker
* Automatically detect Unicode Text, no need to select Server Encoding
* Using the nicklist buttons with selected nicks, now fixed
* Can select multiple nicks for Voice/Op/Halfop with nicklist buttons


Build Beta 4 February 16 2011
* Added Color Themes
* Fixed properly selecting nicks in nicklist
* Clicking the header of the nicklist deselects any selected nicks
* Added /buddylist command
* Fixed html logging issue with nicknames not showing
* Fixed html logging with colors showing wrong or on next lines


Build Beta 3.8 February 3 2011
* Added No Color Mode option to popup menu for Channel from Server Tree
* No Color Mode now properly strips all colors
* Strip out NULL Characters sent by server

Build Beta 3.71 February 2 2011
* Fix $os identifier for Linux/Unix (now fixed)


Build Beta 3.6 February 2 2011
* Fix bug with rejoining channels
* Connecting to Socks5 Proxy Server now working
* Numbered identifiers ending with a - now parse properly ($1-)


Build Beta 3.5 January 29 2011
* Fix line wrapping for Reverse Code
* Fix wrapped URL's losing underline
* Fix hover issue with nicknames with an underscore in them


Build Beta 3.4 January 24 2011
* Added fix for removing channel mode l
* Added button to remove channel exceptions
* Added CTRL-R for reverse text code
* Added CTRL-O for plain text code
* Added CTRL-I for italic text code
* Added parsing for reverse characters
* Added parsing for italic characters
* Added parsing for bold characters


Build Beta 3.3 January 9 2011
* Added a Splash Screen
* www1 links now work as well, with numbers after www
* Toolbar shows Update Button when an IceChat Update is available
* # is now parsed in Channel and Nicklist Popups as the current channel
* Fixed bug with removing a channel key, now just a matter of unchecking the check box
* Added /aaway command to set /away for all connected servers

Build Beta 3.2 January 2 2011
* /play command now allows for a full path to be sent to it
* Fixed issues with *nix and aliases and popup files not properly being parsed

Build Beta 3.1 January 2 2011
* Added /reload command. Command accepts alias,popup,emoticon,sound to reload those config files on the fly
* Opening editor also reloads aliases and popup files from actual file

Build Beta 3 January 1 2011
* Added /play command to play WAV files in the Sounds folder
* Added /amsg command to send messages to all open channels for a server
* Added /joinserv command which can connect to a server and a channel /joinserv #channel
* Links that start with www now show as links
* Fixed bug with emoticons on lines that are wrapped
* The Updater should work properly now, closing IceChat and updating the files properly

Build Beta 2.2 - December 9 2010
* Fixed problem with trying to add submenu items to a seperator for the Popup Menus
* Added option to Display Settings to set the Opacity of the Main Window
* Server Tree shows current window more accurately when creating new windows

Build Beta 2.1 - December 4 2010
* Added option to Show/Hide Channel Bar

Build Beta 2 - December 4 2010
* Fixed problem with BeginWrite for Sending Data, added a sendBuffer Queue
* Fixed SSL Exception Error if the remote certificate is invalid
* Fixed problem with $color not parsing properly for single digit color codes
* Added option for Color Settings to reset color back to default setting
* Added an option for Server Settings, to allow it to accept invalid SSL certificates (in Extra Settings)
* Added for /server command, if a + in front of a port, will use SSL
* Added option to change Font for Docking Tabs
* Added option to change Font for Main Menu Bar
* Added option from Channel Popupmenu from Tabbar to change font for just that window
* Added popupmenu for channel bar for Channel List
* Added ServerError event to the Plugin Framework
* Added ServerMessage event to the Plugin Framework
* Added ServerNotice event to the Plugin Framework
* Added UserNotice event to the Plugin Framework
* Added ChannelKick event to the Plugin Framework
* Added NickChange event to the Plugin Framework
* Added CtcpMessage event to the Plugin Framework
* Added CtcpReply event to the Plugin Framework


Build Beta 1 - October 16 2010
* Started adding some accessibility features
* Access Server Tree/Nicklist from Menu and allow cursor keys to scroll through
* Can scroll through nicklist with mousewheel, without needing to select nicklist
* /ignore command now adds an item to the ignore list
* Added /partall command , closes all open channels for selected server
* Added $?='Ask Question Here' identifier
* Added SSL Support (may still need a little debugging)

Build Alpha 14.5 - July 28 2010
* Added DCC Passive Support (Incoming only)
* Added more DCC Receive fixes and additions

Build Alpha 14.4 - June 12 2010
* Fixed bug with @@@ and mouse hover issue
* Started with Auto DCC Resume

Build Alpha 14.3 - May 29 2010
* Fixed crash when disconnected from server (if you had an empty buddy list)
* Fixed $color not parsing at times in Channel Messages
* Fixed connection to new server, IP Detection bug
* Fixed bug with a manual /server connection when tab removed from console, did not remove from Server Tree
* Fixed error on MODE when attempting to get self host, and passed host is invalid(masked)
* Fixed error with hovering over words that had links, and then to words that were not, the cursor did not change
* Fixed hovering over channel names that are preceded with a user mode (@#channel)
* Fixed Nicklist where scrollbar was not allowing to view all nicknames in larger channels
* Changed more Images to use the Embedded Resources
* Better behaviour with BNC's and removed BNC Tab in Server Settings
* Added crash fixes for browser links
* Added DCC File Window, will show all transfers in a single window
* Added DCC File receiving
* Added more DCC Options to IceChat Options
* Auto Renaming of files if file exists adding (#) to the end of the file name.

Build Alpha 14.2 - May 19 2010
* Added MouseWheel support to Nicklist and Server Tree
* Added Events options to Settings, select where messages go (in progress)
* Added Sound Events, now saves in IceChatSounds.xml
* Added Sounds folder created in data folder
* Added Confirm Exit if connected when IceChat is closed
* Fixed issue with mode +x on self not updating nicklist with new host
* Fixed bug with userhost and /dns command
* Fixed bug with sending ctcp messages and how they are received
* Fixed bug with FirstRun not adding all default server values
* Buddy List editable in Server Editor
* Buddy shows connected or disconnected when connected to Server

Build Alpha 14.1 - May 9 2010
* Small resource changes for Server Editor Tabs and Main Tab Control
* Floating forms stay on top

Build Alpha 14 - May 8 2010
* Change from using .Net 2.0 to .Net 3.5
* Fix bug with changing nicks while in Console
* Moved Default Server Settings from Settings to Server settings Window
* Improvements on Error Handling
* Added ability to undock panels and move them around, or keep them floating
* Adjustment for changing images to embedded resources for Mono compatability
* Added anonymous Socks5 Proxy support (no user/pass support yet)
* Added $read() identifier, defaults to read from Scripts folder
* Starting implementation of the Buddy List
* Started the IceChat Updater Project

Build Alpha 12.4 - April 17 2010
* Added IceChatScript.dll , needs to be added in same folder with EXE and IPluginIceChat.dll
* Added Self Notice in Colors, when using /notice command
* Added ability to Unload/Reload and load New Plugins with out a restart
* Added /loadplugin, /unloadplugin and /reloadplugin commands, just pass the DLL name
* Added Pictures folder created in data folder
* Added when server re-connects, goes through DNS of server address
* Fixed /query command if a message was also included
* Fixed hovering over a nickname in a channel, strips non-alpha numeric chars
* Fixed issues with server events, checking nicknames no longer case-sensative
* Fixed clicking on Docked Side Panel - now undocks the Panel

Build Alpha 12.3 - April 10 2010
* Fixed UnHandledException log now in Logs folder
* Fixed Double Click in Text Window only works with Left Button
* Added Middle Mouse button closes Tabs
* Start renaming private variables with _ in front
* Fix for Mono/Linux for missing query.png file for ServerTree

Build Alpha 12.2 - April 5 2010
* Added -profile parameter to allow change of data folder
* Minor Update to the Nicklist/Server List Text Fonts, less fuzzy
* First Run Wizard window can now be closed
* Fix for docking panels, remove splitters
* Plugins now loaded from the Plugins folder in the Data Folder
* Update Plugins to pass CurrentFolder

Build Alpha 12.1 - March 30 2010
* Fix Nick Name Change for Tabs/Server List for Queries
* Fix for running Channel List Multiple Times, clears list now
* Fix for Scrolling Mouse while in Channel List
* Fix parsing of incoming Data, problems with Null Characters
* Added a Pong Checker / Reconnect Timer, at 15 minutes
* Added Random Nick List Colors
* Added Option to Log in Colored Text (keeps colors intact)
* Added ability to change channel modes from Channel Info Window
* Added ability to double click on channel names in channels/console
* Added ability to double click on nicks in channels to open query
* Added hovering over channel names in channels/console changes to hand cursor
* Added hovering over nicks in channels changes to hand cursor
* Added right click of nicks in channel brings up NickList popup menu
* Added ability to Dock right and left panel to side
* Added more $identifiers
* Started with Search for Text Feature (F3 Key) (Not Complete)

Build Alpha 12 - March 21 2010
* Fix Tab swapping, properly move tabs around now, with short-cut keys as well
* Added /query command
* added /close command
* Added DCC Chat - incoming and outgoing
* Added DCC Options for DCC Chats
* Applied Patch 5472
* Applied Patch 5570
* Temporarily added numbers to Tabs, to check for memory leaks

Build Alpha 11.6 - March 13 2010
* Added Channel List
* Added Server AutoStart up Option

Build Alpha 11.5 - March 13 2010
* Fixed mode parsing problem with mulitple channel modes

Build Alpha 11.4 - March 13 2010
* Started with Ignore List
* Added HTML logging format, instead of Plain Text
* Re-did the IPluginIceChat, plugins working much better
* Other Minor Fixes

Build Alpha 11.3 - March 6 2010
* Added AutoJoin Delay option (5 Seconds)
* Fixed bug with Nick list buttons and invalid nick
* Fixed bug in Language File, Close button was not specified
* Added icons to menus and such
* Added /forcequit command to force drop a connection
* Added FirstRun Form for initial setup

Build Alpha 11.2
* Added /anick and /aquit commands
* Added Language Options

Build Alpha 11.1
* Made Line Marker disabled by default
* $uptime now uses TotalSeconds and not just Seconds
* Added ScrollBar to the Server Tree

Build Alpha 11 - February 24 2010
* Added $aliasfile identifier
* Added $serverfile identifier
* Added $popupfile identifier
* $nick(#,N).host and $nick(#,N).ident both work now
* Added option for a Line Marker for Windows
* Fixed a small issue with Tab sizes

Build Alpha 10 - February 20 2010

* Fixed issue with not being able to select colors for Nick List

Build Alpha 10 - February 19 2010

* Fixed Logging Class to fix invalid characters in logfile names and paths
* Moved data files from MyDocuments to Local App Data\IceChat Networks\IceChat folder
* IceChatEmoticons folder renamed to Emoticons
* IceChatLogs folder renamed to Logs

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