IceChat 7 ChangeLog

Changes made in latest build 7.80 (20141213) December 13, 2014

-- Fixed issues with Windows 8
-- Fixed bug with using /set in scripts

Changes made in latest build 7.70 (20101031) October 31, 2010

– Fixed problem with Windows 7 and FirstRun/Profiles not running
– Fixed problem with default browsers, can now select it from Main Settings
– Fixed problem with Bold and Cancel codes not displaying properly
– $os idenifier now properly identifies Windows 7 instead of Vista

Changes made in build 7.63 (20080417) April 17, 2008

– Make default browser look in HKCU in registry
– Fixed bugs with removing channel keys (mode k)
– Added Close All Channels to Popup Menu for Servers in Server Tree
– Added Close All Queries to Popup Menu for Servers in Server Tree
– Remove 255 Character limits for saving AutoJoin, AutoPerform and Ignore Lists
– Moved errors.txt log file to the IceChat Logs folder
– Fixed if statements for mirc script engine, for embedded statements
– Fixed VB Scripting bug with ServerNumbers after removing Console Tabs
– Fixed RunShell and /run commands to default to Scripts folder
– Added $icechathandle identifier to return IceChat Window handle
– Fixed CTRL-O Control Code not properly cancelling color codes

Changes made in build 7.62 (20080127) January 27, 2008

– Fixed when you paste text to a window, it scrolls down to bottom
— Major change to Updater, now will check and point to website

Changes made in build 7.61 (20071229) December 29, 2007

— Fixed problem with |’s in nick from nicklist popup in channel window
— Fixed problem with System Tray Icon flashing not stopping
— Fixed problem with spaces appearing in links from double clicking
— Added the /clipboard command for adding text to the clipboard
— Added the /print command, just like /echo, but does not save to logfile
— Added $ossp for returning Windows Service pack
— Added $osspnum for returning Windows Service pack number
— Added option to disable All sound events/playing in Sound Events
— Added option /play ON/OFF to disable all sounds
— Added $soundson identifier to see if all sounds are enabled/disabled
— Added CTRL-O (Cancel all Codes) now works in Editor and Topic
— Added Network search to the Search Menu
— Added WMA support for sounds
— Added parsing $identifiers in captions for Popupmenus (not ScriptMenu)
— Added ALT-Enter goes to next line in Multiline editbox
— Added On Buddy IceChat7 Script Event
— Added Buddy List section on Server Tree, for online buddies

Changes made in build 7.60 (20070804) August 4, 2007

— Added more Windows Vista Support
— Fixed bug with finding Default Browser for Windows Vista
— Fixed bug with disabling/enabling events for channels
— Fixed Reverse Color code not being parsed properly
— Fixed parsing some identifiers in scripting
— Fixed using comma’s in text script events, for multiple words
— Fixed "and" and "or" not working properly in if statements in scripts
— Fixed emoticons will no longer display if in a URL
— Fixed if Background images do not exist, displays an error on load
— Added option to disable SystemTray Shift-F11 Hotkey
— Added OnServerMessage (smessage), OnServerNotice (snotice) Script Commands
— Added option for not closing channel when kicked
— Added option for AutoJoin Delay for 5 Seconds, in Server Editor
— Added mp3 support for playing sounds in IceChat
— Moved Server List menu under the View Menu
— Moved Channel List menu under the View Menu
— Moved Languages menu under the Options Menu

Changes made in build 7.50 (20070610) June 2007

— Major update – Server Tree now in the Favorite Server List
— Added Options for Server Tree to show/hide items in the Server Tree
— Added Options button in Favorite Server List for Server Tree Options
— Added Remove Tab button in Favorite Server List to remove tabs from Console
— Fixed DCC Get and DCC Send Timeouts
— Fixed re-using DCC Chat window, would not allow re-connect
— Fixed bug with Deleting a Color Theme
— Fixed bug with BuddyList, if all buddies were removed, still showed as online
— Fixed bug with sound events, and unchecking the No Sound Event box
— Fixed bug with Text Boxes for VB Script Dialogs now have auto-scroll style added
— Fixed URL’s not opening in Default Browser for FireFox
— Fixed Ctrl+Alt+V does not paste any longer, only Ctrl+V
— Fixed Status message properly updates on Channel Mode changes and Nick changes
— Fixed bug with URL’s having a capital letter in them not getting highlighted
— Fixed /part message with a part reason, reason was not sent to server
— Fixed on input script to check for channel/query matches now
— Fixed bug with new queries, and then IceChat switching to wrong window
— Fixed Channel Event Overload now disables flashing as well
— Added Sound Disable Overload to Event Disabling for Channels
— Added $marker for adding a marker line with scripting
— Added Auto Marker Line option in Display Settings, which will automatically add a marker line to the bottom of a window once it is switched.
Works for Channels and Queries only.
— Added Auto Marker Line option to popup menu from Channel Bar for
Channels and Queries, if you only wish to add a Marker line to certain
— Added Quit messages showing in Query’s, if you are in a channel with user
— Added /msgsec command to securly send a message to a nick, echo’s *’s to the screen (great for nickserv passes and such)
— Added middle mouse click on Nicklist, adds selected Nickname to Input box
— Added right click menu for Nicklist – adding backgrounds to Nicklist
— Added Color Theme menu under View Menu, to quickly select Color Themes
— Added IceChat 5 Script Commands to Script Events Menu in IceChat Editor
— Added Dcc Messages to Events section in Settings
— Added for Channel AutoJoin List, if item is selected, will insert new item before.
— Added Right Click on a URL, copies it to the clipboard
— Added Right Click an item in the Fave Channel List, copies to the clipboard
— Added /dcc chat Nick Port, so you can select what port to start DCC Chat on
— Added 3 new Color Settings – Status Bar Fore/BackColor and Menu Background Color
— Added 3 more Default Color Themes – Pastel, Wild and Plain
— Added ExploreFolder VB Script Function -ie: ExploreFolder "C:\"
— Added loading a script file in IceChat Editor shows both file types as default
— Added User Notices now go to Query Window, if one open for that User
— Added /server command adds server to Server Tree, removed when Tab is Removed from Console
— Added doing a /hop, and if IceChat knows the channel key, will send it when rejoining
— Changed IceChat System Tray Hotkey from Shift-F10 to Shift-F11

Changes made in build 7.11 (20070223) February 2007

— Fixed crash bug when you choose to view the Toolbar at the bottom
— Fixed bug with Ctrl-# switching windows, when you switched to the current window
— Fixed bug with Line Markers
— Fixed bug with Text Higlighting if a comma was used in the word
— Fixed bug with incoming messages having blank lines occasionally
— Fixed bug where using a ComboBox, the Selected sub would run 2 times
— Fixed bug with blank lines coming into chat windows
— Fixed bug with Topics which had a single line
— Added /flashtray command
— Added /flashtask command
— Added $isforegound identifier
— Added Channel Modes to the Status Message bar
— Added $get(0).cps and $send(0).cps for average CPS raties for all DCC gets and sends

Changes made in build 7.10 (20061228) December 2006

— Fixed crash bug when selecting a channel from User Info window
— Fixed crash bug when DCC sending files
— Fixed crash bug with @Message window when certain text was added
— Fixed crash bug to do with Emoticons
— Fixed bug with hidden/invalid channels in a server channel list
— Fixed bug that AutoAccept for DCC Files would not start at all
— Fixed bug when a DCC File Download/Upload was complete, not properly reporting file sizes
— Fixed bug with DCC Window not updating information when sending/receiving multiple files
— Fixed bug on window resizing, when IceChat was minimized to Tray and Restored
— Fixed bug with Global Variables not re-loading after closing Editor
— Fixed bug where Script Menu would not show on initial startup if made from a script
— Fixed Bug where duplicate Script Menu items could show up on menu bar, or help menu disappears
— Fixed bug with 004 Raw causing an error on some bahamut servers
— Fixed bug with GetText script function where it would add a null character to the end
— Fixed Marker Line not being able to change colors
— Fixed /dns error on nicks that didnt exist
— Timestamp parses out Dates now, as well as Times
— Added /tray command to minimize IceChat to the tray
— Added channel mode to the Channel Info window
— Added Swedish and Interlingua Languages

Changes made in build 7.0 (20060924) September 2006 (Major Re-write)**

–This shows the Alpha and Beta status for each build for IceChat 7.
– Fixed bug with $+ Identifier not properly parsing
— Fixed bug allowing Scripts to be reset from within a script using /reload command
— Fixed Font bug in Text Windows, not showing proper character set on occasion
— Fixed /buddylist command, was not adding nicknames to buddylist
— Fixed bug with profiles not using proper folders
— Fixed bug with script engine not properly parsing some identifiers
— Fixed bug with adding servers to the Favorite Server List
— Fixed URL/Double Click problems in Queries and DCC Chats
— Fixed URL/Double Click problems with multiple url’s on same line, and very long URL’s
— Fixed bugs with Left and Right panels not hiding properly
— Fixed Channel Mode bugs with modes that could have parameters, and were being removed
— Added Text Search for Text Windows using ALT-F and F3 (continue search)
— /load and /unload command now load and unload Alias, Script, and Variable files
— Added option to open Queries with Buddy List nicks, if @Message window is enabled, or all queries disabled
— Added isprotect, isaop, isavoice, isbuddy, isreg, isop, isvoice, ishop and ischan for scripting
— Added Sound events for Channel Action and Query Action, User Notice and Server Disconnection
— Allows wildcards for Nick names in Nick Colors
— Socksv4 and Socksv5 now fully working for Proxy Connections
— Identifiers (ie: $me) now work for Text Highlighting
— Added /auser, /ruser, /rlevel and /ulist commands for User Levels
— $clevel, $ulevel and $event identifiers parsed for Script Events
— Added $0 to parse how many words are sent to an alias
— Added $theme identifier, parses out to the Current Color Theme
— Changed Server Lag timer from every 3 minutes to every 5 minutes
— Removed ‘Aliases’ VB Script function
– For servers with channel lists more then 20,000 channels, IceChat does not allow full list

Changes made in latest build (20060726) July 2006

— Fixed bug with BuddyList having more then 6 buddies for a Network, all going offline
— Fixed bug where IceChat would jump to the Console some times for no reason
— Fixed bug where sometimes autojoining a channel would have it empty
— Fixed Channel Bar bug when windows were minimized, icechat crashing on extra window selection
— Fixed bug where IceChat would randomly crash on Text Selection in Chat Windows
— Background pictures now size properly to fit in Channel Windows, etc
— Added Polish (Polski) Language translation
— Added $tray identifier to return whether IceChat is on the System Tray ($true or $false)
— Added Nickserv Password option into Server Editor

Changes made in latest build (20060627) June 2006

— Fixed bug with MouseWheel in Dcc Chat window
— Added option to disable DDE
— Fixed bugs with not working properly with channels that start with ! and &
— Added option to look through Full Server List when adding a new server
— Added OPEN/CLOSE Script Events for Query’s, when a new Query Opens, or one closes
— Added /write command to write text to a text file. /write [-c] <filename> [text]
-the -c parameter will clear the text file before writing to it
— For Nick Tab Complete, if a nickname is selected in the NickList, that nick is typed
-to deselect all nicknames in the nicklist, click the #channel header in the list
— Fixed URL selection problem in Text Windows, when URL’s were line wrapped

Changes made in latest build (20060521) May 2006

— Fixed /clear command not clearing the window immediately
— Fixed minimize button not showing up on SidePanels
— Added shortcuts for SidePanels
(CTRL+ALT)+L =Server List, +B =Buddy List, +N =Nick List +F =Channel List
— Server Password box placed back into Server Editor, was removed accidently
— Fixed bold character codes not being parsed/displayed properly
— Fixed word wrapping problem with #channel links
— Fixed Socks4 proxy connection problem
— Added BNC Support (works with psyBNC so far)
— Fixed /joinserv command
— Fixed bug with adding a new server to the Server List

— Added SSL Support – but needs external program (stunnel)

Changes made in latest build (20060501) May 2006

— IceChat 7 now in Beta Status
— Fixed Server Reconnect/Timeout problem
— Fixed that user could not re-connect manually to server after all re-connects tries exceeded
— Fixed FirstRun properly adding default popup and aliases files
— Fixed scrollbar problem with text disappearing
— Fixed background color display issue, and reset color code problem
— Enabled Save As menu item in the IceChat Editor
— Added ON START and ON EXIT to Script Events, for when IceChat starts, and exits
— Basic Word Wrapping added
— Added $query(N), $chat(N) and $ignore(N) identifiers
— Added horizontal scroll bar to server channel list window
— URL’s are now underlined and the color is specified under ‘Other Colors’
— Text Selection colors now implemented, selected under ‘Other Colors’
— Added Proxy Support (Needs further testing)
— Fixed on input script event

Changes made in build (20060402) April 2006

– $1 is now parsed for the Query popup menu,
and replaced with the nick your chatting with
— Middle mouse button on Channel Bar now closes windows
— Fixed problem when Channel Bar docked to Left/Right
was not showing all windows in Extra Tabs Window
— Added AutoTile menu item to Window Menu
— Added all servers from Server List to Server Editor
— NICK,SNOTICE,DISCONNECT,NOTICE events now added to Scripting
— CLOSE,OPEN,CHAT script events added for DCC Chat
— $3- and $2-5 type numerical identifiers are now parsed
in the Script engine for $message
— Variables now reload after saving them in the Script Editor
— Adding a "-" to the Script Menu in the Popup Editor
now properly shows a seperator in the Menu
— Removed the Address Book from User Info/Buddy List
— Added /removeall command for removing all Server Tabs
from Console, if they are all disconnected
— /closeall command has a -t parameter, closing all channels
and then all tabs from the console
— Re-wrote the Text Window control completely, functions much more efficiently
— Links do not get underlined yet for new Text Window, wait for next build
— Added @Error window, where errors get outputted
when they occur. Still writes to errors.txt file
— Started Languages – Select from Language Menu
(Included is French, German and Russian)

Changes made in build (20060108) January 8, 2006

-72 Color support added up from 32 colors
-Added more Color options to Channel Bar settings
-Added more Background Color Options
-Added Other Colors section for GUI Colors, and Tab Colors as well
-Moved all Color settings and Text Highlight settings to new Window
-Nick Change event settings in options now save
-DCC send bug fixed – files would not send
-No Color mode option now working
-Alias commands in scripts now working
-Redid most of the colors in icechat to use Windows System colors
-Wheel mouse now scrolls DCC Chat windows
-Fixed bug when double clicking a <Nick> in a channel, opening wrong query
-User Levels now save/update on Save/Exit from IceChat Editor
-User Levels now working for Nick Colors
-Nicklist now updates automatically on any Nick Color/User Level changes from editors
-Holding down Shift Key in Nicklist allows you to select a range
-Holding down Ctrl Key in Nicklist lets you multi-select individual items
-Right clicking the nicklist does not de-select items
-Added option to disable sounds when away (if one server is away, disables sound for all servers)
-Changed topic box, now has scroll bars if topic does not fit on a single line
-Removed all references to RichText Boxes – no longer used in IceChat
-Fixed problems with background color codes not being properly parsed
-Fixed bug when dropping a file into a query and said server was not connected
-If pasting more then 4 lines into the single line edit box, IceChat now confirms.
-Added to right click menu from Channel Bar, for Channels, Logging Section, to View Log Folder/Open Log File
-IceChat Editor window is now re-sizable
-Fixed Bug that if a Channel Info window was open, you could not join a new channel
-Changed Nicklist Buttons – For op/Voice/H-Op(Half Op) buttons, if a user is opped
it removes the op status, or if they are not opped, it gives it.
-Bug Fixed With vertical Channel Bar, if too many channels, now shows >> button on last
tab for extra tabs popup
-Added option to allow to Play Sounds if IceChat is in use (not just on System Tray)
-Added Option to select how many times you want the Tray Icon to Flash on Messages
-Added Buddy Messages to events of where to show messages
-Added Status Message Bar above Edit Box – Option can be disabled in Display Settings
-Channel List menu added to Main Window – Can now do automatic online channel listings through, instead of using /list command
-Removed Owner Drawn menus, reverted to default, until better replacement is done
-the /ban command now allows for extra parameters[-kruN]
-k is for an automatic kick after the ban is set
-r is to remove the ban
-uN is for adding a timed ban, where N is the number of seconds before the ban is automatically removed

Changes made in build (20051122) November 22, 2005

-Fixed buddy list, buddies were not getting removed when they went offline
-Re-added Script Menu back onto Main Menu bar, and it no longer duplicates
-Scrollback buffer for EditBox broke at times (arrow keys)
-Added User Levels to IceChat Editor, for scripting purposes
-Added Nick Colors to Address Book/BuddyList window, for colorizing specific nicks/hosts
-Fixed bug with arrow keys causing EditBox to lose focus and scrolling window
-Fixed Bug when selecting individual servers from DropDown from Console Button on Channel Bar, and then the tabs selecting the wrong windows
-Fixed bug where some browsers would not open when IceChat wanted to open a link of any sort
-Replaced the Scroll Bars in the Text Windows, should no longer have glitches in them
-Fixed script engine problems with parsing $identifiers at times
-Drag/Drop a file in a Query/DCC Chat Window will send that file with DCC
-Drag/Drop a file onto the Nicklist and it will send that file with DCC to highlighted nickname
-Mode Prefix now shows modes for self as well
-Updated FirstRun and Profiles programs
-For Win9x/Me Clients, settings files are now stored in the IceChat7/Settings folder

Changes made in build (20051103) November 3, 2005

-fixed problem of closing channels, and not removing from Channel Bar
-Added button to Channel Bar on Console, if connected to more then 1 server, drop down list will come up

allowing user to select which server to only show buttons for.
-Fixed bug on some servers where a Full Channel List would finish up blank after fully completed
-Delete button working on Server list, can now delete servers (must have all servers disconnected to work)
-Disabling the setting "Show Hosts in Nicklist" no longer cuts off the nicknames
-Text Highlighting now works for Channel Messages, Channel Actions, Queries and Query Actions.
-Variable Files can now be loaded, unloaded and saved in the IceChat Editor. File extension is .VAR
-Flash Tray Icon and Flash Channel Bar Icon on Message Options fixed
-Added to the popup menu(Right Click from the Channel Bar) is a new Background Menu item. You are now able to add a background picture to any Channel, Query, and @Window type Windows. It will remember the picture for Channel and @Window’s if you close them and re-open. No Support for pictures in the Console as of yet.
-Auto Op,Auto Voice,Black List all working in User Info/Buddy List , Auto Nick Control Tab
-Protected list is working, but not fully tested yet
-Full Channel Lists now properly filter and export channel lists to text files.
-Added Channel Sorting, User Count sorting to Full Channel List. Click on "Channel" or "Users" on header to sort
-Variables added with the Variable files now get loaded as Global Variables
-/set <%var> <value> working
-/unset <%var> working
-BuddyList problem fixed when logged onto Multiple Networks, and buddy’s going offline incorrectly
-channel.ini file is renamed to window_positions.ini. This file remembers Panel Dock Positions, and the Main
Window Sizes locations, and individual channels, etc, if Save Window Positions/Sizes option in Display Settings
is enabled
-Favorite Channels all accessable through the panel in the Main Window now, window has been removed
-Added to Popup menus is BuddyList, can create your own custom popup menu for the BuddyList
-Added line marker capability, press CTRL+L will add a line marker to window (console/channel/query/dcc chat)
-Changed the toolbar and added new toolbar tooltip style
-DCC working better, re-worked the DCC Files Window
-Nick selecting in the NickList improved, now keeps proper selection when nicklist gets updated
-Changed menus for Main Window – added colors

Changes made in build (20050924) September 2005

-Changed Alpha Numbering system, not to YYYYMMDD from MMDDYY
-Buttons on Full Channel List now working
-Multiline text selection working
-Multiline copy/paste in single line EditBox now sends all lines in Clipboard
-Text Highlighting checks for matches for whole words, not partial ones, unless
wildcard matches are specified in the word to match
-add to the Console/Channel/Query/NickList/Script popup menus with scripting using
-menu console { (menu lines here) } .. can also do multiple menus, just seperate names with a comma
-added $cb identifier for retreiving text from the clipboard
-added option to Show/Not show nick hosts in Nicklist – under Display Settings
-global variables now working, added Variables tab to IceChat Editor
-added a splitter in dcc file window, to split between uploads and downloads
-updated FirstRun to allow importing IceChat5 settings from start.
-EditBox working much more reliably with History, etc.
-Emoticons are now sized according to the Text Size in the Windows. Made text selection work.
-Drag/Drop a file into a DCC Chat window, and it will automatically dcc send that file
-If away nick is empty (in server editor), it now does not force changing to Nick[a],
and will not change your nickname when you are setting yourself away
-Fixed clicking on an empty area in Options/Sound Events causing a crash
-Fixed Channel Bar bug when too many windows where opened, and now showing the tabs
-Added eTrust , ClamAV and AVG Free to the default DCC Virus scanner list
-Added shortcuts to the Main Menu to explore the main IceChat Folder
and the Data Folder where config files are stored
-Re-did the Server Channel List window – updates the List faster
-Web links now work in @Window windows
-Text Selection working – only for single lines for the moment, and w/o emoticons
-if emoticons are on, text selection screws up, work in progress
-Text selection also does not work perfectly with Bold Text, work in progress
-Add Server from PopupMenu of Server List now adds a server, does not edit
-Add Server to Favorites, from PopupMenu of Console Tabs, if server is connected with /server
command , now works
-the /dns command will now show all resolvable Addresses for a Host, if there are multiples
-On server connect, will try and resolve all Possible IP’s from a Host, and on connection-retry’s
will scroll through the List, if more then 1 IP is found , doing a proper DNS List
-Saves Network Name to Servers.ini file , if 005 Numeric has this Information
-Saves Last Good IP Connected to from the AddressList (if multiple IP’s resolsved from DNS)
-Console logging added
-Fixed bug for channel/query logging, that if a new day started, a new log file was not created, continued
with the previous days log
-ctrl-pgup/pgdn (in EditBox) works properly now switching windows, stays in proper order
-pgup/pgdn in EditBox sends page up/down to the current window
-ctrl-# works in proper order for switching windows as well (# being 1-9)
-MouseWheel now scrolls current window from EditBox, no need to select actual window
-FirstRun added into the archive, for Initial IceChat Setup
-Buddy List now has a Comment field added – shows comment when Buddy Goes Online
-DCC send working properly now, was not sending before
-Added Panels to Main Window, that can be moved around. Panels for Server List, Nick List
Favorite channels and Buddy List, can drag and drop to Right or Left Side.
-Server Option Auto-Connect on IceChat Startup now working
-Added /anick command, to change your nickname on all connected servers

-Changes made in build (062805) June 28, 2005

-Fixed #channel links in windows with @,+ in front of them opened the wrong channel when double clicked
-Double Click EditBox brings up a window with previous Input History
-double click item in list to use
-fixed where Nicklist had problems with larger font sizes and overlapping nicks/hosts
-When queries go to the @Message window, and then a Query is opened for that Nick, all messages
are copied from the @Message window, to the Query window, as long as the Nick has not changed
-Text highlighting functional
– added new option for running a command on a highlite, uses $nick, $chan , $host for identifiers
-New Dcc form that handles all Sending and Receiving of Dcc Files – only 1 form every needed
-*Colors will need to be reset again – more colors added
-Added to Main Menu, ‘Check for Alpha Version Update’ to see if your version is up-to-date
-Toolbar now has Tooltips
-Channel Bar shows a ">" button at end if too many Tabs on window
-provides a dropdown selection of rest of tabs
-Added new Option to Away Settings, ‘Auto Away when IceChat goes to System Tray’
-AutoConnect on Startup now working for servers in Server List
-Fixed Color Settings – Import Settings from Version 5 – resets colors to default
-Background colors working again in text windows.
-/browser command lets you open a URL in a new browser window, or if its blank, your home page
-right click on Server List now selects that node automatically
-@Message Window Logging option added
-Combine Logs option added
-Moved Default Server Settings to Server Editor under Default
-Added Server Reconnect Settings to Default Server Settings
-Can no longer edit nicks/host in the nicklist
-Fixed problem with a new query, and a message is typed in query window, msg went to wrong window
-Saves size of Nick Column Width in Nicklist on exit
-Re-did the Channel join code, was causing errors
-Re-did the Change Nickname when nick in use code, also caused errors
-Added an Address Book (Available from Options Menu, Click the "Buddy List" Icon on toolbar)
-BuddyList and Control List to be added later – still work in progress
-Updated manifest file for WinXP style controls
-Start of text selecting for Text Windows, does not highlight, but copies to clipboard right away
* The text selecting is still in its beginning stages, it is crude, but works somewhat)
* It copies entire words to the clipboard, even if the partial word is selected
* Text Selection/Highlighting will come eventually.
-popups.ini file no longer read from the Scripts Folder, but the same folder as icechat.ini and servers.ini
-Profiles.exe re-compiled for IceChat 7 ( many changes made)
-Reads data from Profiles Folder and starts IceChat 7 after Profile is Selected
-Creates a Default popups.ini file for a new profile
-For a shortcut, IceChat7.exe – profile <Nickname> (Provide nickname from profiles)
-If you wish to read INI files from a totally different folder use below
-IceChat7.exe -profile <Path to INI Files> , this would read icechat.ini, servers.ini, etc
-Fixed bug/crash with a nickname change when connecting to a server with /server command
-Totally re-did the Nicklist, no longer using a Virtual Listview
-Nicklist Buttons now operational (works for multiple selections for OP/Deop/Voice/Devoice/Ban
-Nicklist Popupmenu broke when a | character was in a nickname
-$1 now parsed in nicklist popup menu to resolve to nick
-$host returns the host of the nick ( and $fullhost return full host (Nick!
-Add Color Themes to Options – Default and Dark options added by default

Changes made in build (051005) May 10, 2005

-Script/MenuBar Popup Menu now shows in Main Menu Bar
-In IceChat Editor for the PopupMenu Editor, can see the Popup Menu made (after saving)
-Re-did Sound Events – all working now
-New Option added for Sounds , when nickname is said
-Flash Taskbar/Tray Icon working, more options coming later
-Header showing for Nicklist, and resizable.
-Tooltip for Nicklist, on empty part of nicklist, no longer shows 1st item
-Adding Channels/Queries to ServerList (Double Click to select window)
-popup menu will show the Channel Bar popup if you right click a channel/query
-*channels/queries may disappear from the list, its not 100% perfect yet
-Allowing | to split commands in Popup menus
-if you want to use a | character , but not as a command split, use \|
-Nicklist shows Halfop/Admin/Owner/Sop in proper colors
-Word over/URL Detection now works with wrapped words
-errors.txt file now placed in same folder as IceChat7.exe – temporary
-Use Single Message Window option now working. (@Messages Window)
-this window works for all servers, so only 1 window needed, prefixes msg with {ServerNumber}
-In Events under Options, can now send events to @Messages Window
-ability to create custom windows with /window command (/window @windowname)
-ability to add lines to a custom window (/aline @windowname This is some text)
-/window and /aline will have more options in upcoming versions
-Alias/Script editor, now automatically updates the Aliases/Scripts internally when saved
-No need to save and update
-Added Dock Left/Right under View menu for Nicklist/ServerList
-Drag and Drop works somewhat for serverlist/nicklist (still working on that)
-Drag and Drop disabled for ToolBar/ChannelBar for the time being
-Added IceChat 5 Script Support. In the IceChat Editor, on Load and Save, you choose the
-IceChat 5 Script as a file type, changing the extension from .ICS to .ICE.
-IceChat 5 Scripts need to have the ICE extension, while IceChat 7 Scripts need ICS
-Background colors working for Console/Channels/Query/DccChat
-Background color working for Nick List and Server List
-Server list icons will be changed to transparent eventually.
-Auto Return Setting for Away, will return on any non "/command" message
-Default Server Settings properly save
-Changed many of the messages that only appear in the client (not on other clients),
these messages now start with ->> instead of * as before
-irc:// URL link support now works
-Server Editor behaving better when adding new servers
-whois on query option now working
-Auto join channel on invite option now working
-Nicklist working better, updating properly (not 100% yet, needs more testing)
-URL detecting in windows (cursor changes to hand while hovering over)
-you can double click the URL to open it in a new browser window
-Nickname detecting in channel windows, if user in channel
-you can right click the nickname in the channel window to get nicklist popup window
-#channel name detecting , double click to join
-added 2 new color settings (ctcpreply and ctcp send)
-sorry, this will mess up your color settings, just restore default to fix
-not all background colors implement yet
-Channel CTCP’s now go to the channel windows
-IceChat does not move its self to topmost window on new query/channel
-New Nicklist, for improved speed, and fixing coloring problems
-Colors added for OPs,Voice and Regular users, nothing else as of yet
– New TextControl, also for improved speed. Gone is the RichtextBox. all the previous scroll problems are gone
no need for scroll lock to preview old text/data, just scroll on back

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