IceChat 5 ChangeLog

** Changed made for IceChat 5.50 — Released January 9, 2005 **

– Fixed #channel links not working
on double clicks in Query. Re-did Popup Editor, and now
added Capability of using popups in Queries.
— Fixed problem with doing popups for channels that were
not active, used current active channel.
— Now uses the channel that the popup originated in.
— Channel modes to show in console, was not showing.
— BNC re-worked, does not automatically connect, needs
— Fixed ChannelBar stopped working when connected to
a BNC Server.

— Added $bncserver, $bncport, $bncuser and $bncpass
for BNC Server Settings.
— Nickname change problem in Server Editor, while online.
— Changed IRC Search under help menu to
— MultiLine EditBox is no longer default, defaults back to single
line, MultiLine can be selected in View Settings.
— /Describe command for a nickname now shows in Query.
— Added ONDCCTEXT and ONDCCACTION Script Events.

— Added ONAWAY Script Event.
— Added Alias/Identifier support for Script Addins.
— Script Engine recoded to run more stable.
— Dcc Send/Resume Timer Bug/Crash fixed.
— Dcc Send will not send if resume position is greater then
file size.
— Fixed DCC Chat windows that were not closing properly.

— Added built in outgoing flood protection, disabled by default.
Look in Options -> Flood Protection.
— Fixed Raw 314 WHOWAS bug, was not returning host.
— Fixed if channel sorted with &, was not showing in nicklist
properly. Added & Channel prefix to default channel prefixes.
— Properly parses $1 type identifiers, starting with parameter, not
command, as $1.

— Identifiers that did not need a server connection, can now
be parsed w/o a connection.
— Added ability to use $mask() type masks for Ignore’s
— Added $read() and $lines() to Identifiers.

** Changed made Version 5.20 — Released May 9, 2004 **

– Added additional user modes
for channels, !, ~ ,-,* and &, also in userinfo. In Nicklist
Colors, can also change colors for these.
Also fixed other channel mode problems.

— Added more identifiers, allowing options,
$servermode, $chan(), $nick(), $mask() , $rnd()
— Script Dialogs Improved.
— Fixed Buddylist problem when more then 6 nicks in list.
— Fixed Virus Scanner problem reporting Registry Hack
(Was for adding IceChat to Startup in Registry)
— Fixed startup problems with Nicklist/Server List not
being resizable when started from System Tray.
— Fixed problems with mixed bold/color control characters
in windows, and it was not displaying text.

— Fixed DCC Send Problems.
— Added default browser behaviour for opening URL’s.
— Added seperate textbox for Browser Window.
— Emoticon and Color Windows can now be moved
and left open, as an option.
— Fixed problems with Fonts not saving properly.
— Fixed paste problem with Multiple Lines when using
PopupMenu from InputBox.

— Made the InputBox multiline, and re-sizable, solves
paste problems.
— Timer ID’s can now contain numbers and names, strings.
— /describe command fixed, now sends action to channel.
— /dccserver now has [port] added to allow to change
default dccserver port
— Added simple script highlighting to Script Editor, can
be disabled. Added Reset All Scripts to Script Menu
in Script Editor.
— Fixed problem with IceChat hanging while re-connecting
disconnected/timed-out servers.

— Fixed problem with loading duplicate Script Files in the
Script Editor, will not allow it now, and loads current.
— DCC File Receive with paths hve paths removed.

** Changed made for Version 5.11 – Released February 6, 2004 **

– Fixed crash when the ? was
clicked in the !Trigger Catcher
— Updated the Updater – added more options internally.
Can now be run stand-alone.
— Fixed server wanting to re-connect when a Quit from
server menu item was selected from Channel Bar for

– Fixed bug where a Nickname change
would show in Queries windows for all servers.
— Scripts now can have Same Subs/Functions added
as long as they are in seperate files.
— Added Ignore All/Ignore All Except options for DCC
— Added Remember Last Folder Settings for DCC
— Updater has been updated.
— AutoAccept List for DCC now works properly
with resume/ask/overwrite.

— Added Explore Option for DCC File Receive when
finished. Added Stop Button for DCC Send/Receive.
— Fixed Fonts not saving properly.

** Changed made for version 5.10 — Released December 24, 2003 **

— Run icechat5-update.exe in IceChat5 Folder after
downloading the update. This includes the Icechat 5
update, otherwise your update will not succeed.
— Added < and > for invalid Filename characters (for logs)

— Double click on Topic brings up Channel Information
now. Now can use Network Names in ServerList, and
will read through Full Server List.
— Fixed emoticons for Win95.
— Color Themes now can save fonts and selected skin.
— Added ONRAW Event, and other Scripting Events.
— Added Disable Logging option to Popup Menu from
Channel bar for Channels (Doesnt save, only for
current session.)
Flood Protection improved, allows
ignoring nicknames or hosts. Also added Exclude
list for Flood Protection. Single character nicknames
(usually bots) Automatically Excluded from Flood

– Did a little more work on the scrolling
problem, improved a lot.
– Fixed a few winsock problems,
reconnect problems and not reporting errors at times.
— Fix BNC Connection problems.
— Added Emoticon Organizer, for adding/removing
and editing Emoticons and Triggers.
— Added Network name allowance in Fave Server
List, will read through available servers from Full
Server list, and connect according to good
Connection, and move to next if not.
— Allow for DCC Packet size change.
— Fixed problem with missing messages, when
Flood Protection was enabled.

** Changes made for Version 5.02 — Released November 16, 2003 **

– Fixed a Windows 2000
problem with IceChat causes Keys to get sent to
the InputBox and would hang IceChat.
– Fixed the
Error 462 problem in Windows 9x.

** Changes made for Version 5.01 — Released November 12, 2003 **

– DCC Menu items FixedSend/Chat)
– Fixed Server Editor so it looks proper in WinXP.
– Changed a few DCC Receive Messages.
— Added PlaySound Script Command.

— Added NickServ Pass to Server Editor.
— Fixed IsOp, IsVoice, IsHalfOp Script Commands.
— Added IceChat Browser.
– Fixed Version reply for UserInfo.
– When Skins are on, Nicklist and ServerList Captions now change to specified color.
– Can now use Control Codes in a lot of editor places, where Control Codes could be added.
– Right Click Popup Menu for Nicklist and Server List Caption, added Show Headers.

– Added an Internal Browser.
– DCC Problems fixes with Large Files.
– Fixed problem when IceChat would just stop responding to all commands being sent to a server.
– Fixed file list Export problem with servers that did not have a Network Name.
– Fixed more Channel Mode problems.
– Text Highlight now works with your own Nickname.
— Added Bold Nicknames to Nicklist, shows IRCOP.

** Changes made for Version 5.0 — Released October 18, 2003 **

IceChat 5 is finally here!
Yes, this is it, we finally have a release for IceChat 5.
It has been a huge success with all the Beta Versions. A
lot of extra work has gone into 5.0 to make it that much
better then 4.xx. Stability problems have all but

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