IceChat 4 and 3 ChangeLog

** Changes made in Version 4.22 – Released September 18, 2003

– Few minor fixes, mostly to do
with Blank text coming through for all users who were
opped or voiced.
– Version 5.0 to be released soon (Oct/03)
— This will probably be the last release of IceChat version 4

** Changes made in Version 4.20 – Released July 11, 2003

– A few minor fixes from Version
4.13, and a few scripting adjustments.

** Changes made in Version 4.13 – Released April 21, 2003

– Changed the DCC Long IP
values to the Proper Byte order, seems to have resolved
all the DCC Connect problems.

** Changes made in Version 4.12 – Released April 18, 2003

Added a few Fixes, removed
the ONSTART Scripting Problem.
Added 3 new Scripting
functions, AwayReason, AwayStatus and AwayNickname,
all using Currentserver as a Parameter, and also added
the identifier equilavents ($awayreason, etc)

** Changes made in Version 4.11 – Released March 24, 2003

Fixed a small Color Problem with the Cancel Code.
When IceChat checks for update it now reports the Release Date and Version.

** Changes made in Version 4.1 – Released March 14, 2003

— More DCC/DNS problems fixed.
— Would like to thank all who helped test DCC, its working
test best it has ever worked. TAB For nick complete fixed.

Added Find and Find Next in Script Editor. Added option
in DCC Options for placing files from nicknames in
AutoDCC Accept list, or all AutoDCC Accepts, into the
receive folder, and then their nickname as a sub folder.
Able to customize the 16 Default Colors for IceChat, to
custom ones, in IceChat Colors. Added /dns -r to

do a hostname resolve from an IP. Fixed problems
if an identifier was embedded into a value, not being
the first item, it would not parse the string.

** Changes made in Version 4.03 — Released March 4, 2003

–DCC IP problems found
and fixed, and Test Highlighter errors

** Changes made in Version 4.02 – Released February 28, 2003

– Channel TitleBars can now
be customized using Identifiers (added in Options Display
– The Hostnames can now be disabled for
Nicknames list, also added to Options, Additional
Display Settings.
– Ability to scroll back in windows
in channels, without it jumping back. It may not be perfect
yet, but its a huge improvement.
– Added ‘Auto-Connect on
Startup’ option in Server Editor. If checked, the selected
server will AutoConnect when IceChat is started.

** Changes made in Version 4.01 – Released February 8, 2003

– Update for fixing DCC and CTCP
problems, and NickComplete (TAB) for channels.

Added more Menus to the Menu Editor in Options.

01/28/03 – Version 4.0 – NEEDS FULL RE_INSTALL

Download Full Version to Install this version.
Fixed /Sendalias problem, causes it to overwrite internal
IceChat Functions. Added the /dccallow command.
Fixed /action, /me in DCC Chat, now supported. Fixed
Right Click Paste and Undo Menu items in Script Editor.
Added Emoticon Editor. Can now edit/add

AutoJoin and Notify Nicks, dont need to remove items
to Disable them. The /ignore command now can use
/ignore ENABLE and /ignore DISABLE to turn on/off
ignoring for Server, instead of using Server Editor
to enable/disable. Buddylist now works properly if
same nickname was entered on more then 1 server.

Added a Text Highlighter to Options, allows you to
Highlight any text coming in, and play any Wav Sound
and change the Highlight to any color. Added Emoticon
editor. Can now change/add/remove Emoticons.

December 13, 2002 /13/02 – Version 3.76 – IceChat did not re-connect when
the server drops a connection, now fixed. Also adding

to the ignore list with /ignore would make a person’s
nickname show up twice some times.

12/12/02 – Version 3.75 – Added more scripting commands,
ISOP, ISVOICE and ISHALFOP. Help files always pointing
to online ones now to make sure of latest versions. Fixed
emoticon problems not displaying correctly when using

multiple ones. Sockets improved for speed. Added new
script file,, for allowing to edit/change outgoing
text when typed. NickCompleter Sub allows to change
nickname’s and how they are send, added option in
Options under server settings to turn this off, so that no
nick completer is used. All outgoing text can now be edited.

Some defaults are added. Added IsCurrent command
for scripting as well. All new commands added to
help Files. Many more changes to Scripting, including the
new ONCTCP and ONSTART subroutines.

11/16/02 – Version 3.73 – Resize Channel problem when
skins were off, fixed. Added ‘Remove Channel from

AutoJoin’ to popup for Channel Taskbar. Moved
‘AutoJoin Channels’ to Server List Menu, and no longer
makes errors when not connected. Added Option to
disable all Queries/Private messages for all servers.
Icon for self in Nicklist is no longer yellow, shows as proper
user type (Op,Voice,Regular).

10/31/02 – Version 3.72 – Minor Update that users could
not enter a channel with a key.

10/26/02 – Version 3.71 – Minor Update, fixes URL’s
not being able to be accessed in the Console, and some
minor resize/skinning problems.

10/07/02 – Version 3.70 – A large amount of Fixes in

this version, with Improved Skinning. Skins are now
seperated and included in the Skins folder for easier
access. You can edit them, do not change sizes.
Added MesBox and InpBox Functions for Scripting.
DCC Option added for Routers. Re-did DCC Chats
so they work more reliably. Text in windows no longer

jumps halfway up switching windows. More Color
options added, and Options Form has been re-arranged
to make more sense of it.

09/10/02 – Version 3.67 – Just a few minor fixes that were forgotten in 3.66

09/08/02 – Version 3.66 – More minor fixes and updates.
Added Nickserv Password to Server Editor, will

send nickserv password if Server asks for it. Console
resizing bug looking to fix. More work on fixing scrolling
problems. Pasting into the Textbox fixed. Fixed sound
events for Channels, Console, etc.

09/03/02 – Version 3.65 – Few minor fixes, Up Arrow
and Down Arrow also now saves to the Text History,

not just using the Enter Key. Added a Copy/Paste item
when text is highlighted to Copy or Paste to/from
Clipboard. Added option to change nickname background
color in channels between the < >’s in Options->Colors.
Added to commands, /? and /! for Scripting, /? for quick

commands and /! for actual VBS Commands.

08/27/02 – Version 3.64 – IceChat now checks for
updates on Startup (Can be Disabled). Fixed time problem
with the /away command upon return. Fixing more
channel and console resize problems. Server Channel
list can be exported to Channels.txt and then can be

loaded back in from Toolbar List Button, and then also
filtered now.

08/23/02 – Version 3.63 – Add /clear command to clear
the current windows. More windows have been skinned.
Fixed Add Server Problem while Connected to a Server.
IceChat Updater has been Updated, and IceChat now

checks for updates when starting.

08/21/02 – Version 3.62 – Starting out on Using Skins
again in IceChat, later version will have more, skins
can be disabled. Fixed the Main Server List error,
moved to another Screen. Can now connect to
Networks instead of servers , /server DalNet or /server

NetworkName and it scrolls through list of servers in
Main Server List. Fixed form resize problems. Fixed
scripting problems, advisable to Update Scripts from
Web Site, and over write older ones. Can now disable
/away messages in Options.

08/09/02 – Version 3.6 – Added ability to customize Menus

with menus.ini, you can download Menus.INI from Download
Page. More bugs fixes and speed improvements. Fixed
DCC Chat problem. Able to hover over Nicknames in a
channel and right click and Nicklist Popup Menu appears.
Fixed DCC Chat problems with certain hosts(ip’s).
Channels now stay in proper groups for each Server

connected, not scattered all over, on TaskBar.
Added ? button next to InputBox, for Basic Commands,
can be edited from commands.pol (just a text file)

07/29/02 – Version 3.5 – Fixed QUIT Messages on Server
Quits, not sending EOF’s. Added Window Menu
to Main Window, to list Open Channels, and Cascade

and Tile options. DCC Ports now configurable, select
port range.

07/25/02 – Version 3.41 – Fixed DCC Chat/File Server
Problems, and Scripting Problem with SendAlias

07/23/02 – Version 3.4 – Changed Server Editor, looks
much neater, and organized. Changed Tabs in Console

and added a 2nd Row of Tabs to show all open
Channels/Queries for Server Selected in Tab Above.
Added a /hop command for parting and rejoining
a channel. Identifiers now work in All Popup Menus.
Label Colors now correspond with System Colors.
Added DCC Resume for Send and Receive. All Socket

functions have been totally re-written for speed
improvements. New Options form with Colors and Fonts
integrated into it. And a lot of small bug fixes.

06/22/02 – Version 3.3 – A Lot of changes have been
made to the Look of the Program – IdentD problem
fixed with certain servers. DCC Sends now show time remaining.

Added irc:// URL Link Support.
Added Emoticon Support, can be disabled in Options.

06/12/02 – Version 3.21 Released – Removed Channel
Modes from the Nickname List.

06/03/02 – Version 3.2 Released – fixing some memory
problems, added a Channel Folder Popup on connect

option in Server Editor, does it by default.

05/07/02 – Version 3.11 Released

– Added $os
and $uptime for added Identifiers

04/18/02 – IceChat Version 3.10 Released
Fixed problems in large channels and getting pinged out
should no longer be a problem, please email if there

is still a problem. Also some errors on resize, now

04/08/02 – IceChat version 3 Released

- Needs Reinstall
If you have version 2.21 or lower
Many additional features, and a lot more stable
Scripting now fully working, will expand in future versions

and updates
is still a problem. Also some errors on resize, now

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