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NOTE: All IceChat 7 scripts must be copied to the IceChat Data/Scripts folder. To easily browse to this folder, open the IceChat Editor, from the File Menu, choose "Explore Scripts Folder". You can then load your scripts in the Script Editor.
If you do not do this, your scripts will not run.


NOTE: All IceChat 9 plugins must be copied to the Plugins folder. To easily browse to this folder, open the Help Menu, choose "Browse Plugins Folder", and copy the DLL file(s) here. Then just restart IceChat, and the new plugin will get automatically loaded.


IceChat Archive Downloads (Un-supported)

  • IceChat 3.76 -- Released December 2002
    (519 downloads) by Snerf
  • IceChat 4.13 -- Released April 2003
    (506 downloads) by Snerf
  • IceChat 5.50 -- Released January 2005
    (577 downloads) by Snerf
  • IceChat 7.0 -- Released September 2006
    (606 downloads) by Snerf
  • IceChat 7.10 -- Released December 2006
    (945 downloads) by Snerf

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