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IceChat 7 Language Editor
« on: March 06, 2006, 07:57:01 PM »
For those of you who wish to start translating IceChat 7 to other languages, a beginning Language Editor has been constructed.
It translates the majoriity of the IRC messages so far.  Upcoming versions will allow for translation of more items.

Do not change any words that start with % (IE: %nick) as these need to stay the same, as they are used to be replaced with the actual items for the event.
Type in the Box above what the Language you are Translating to.
If there are other languages, or you have previously saved one, click on the Box for currently available languages.

Click on an item, and edit it below. Clicking on another item will then save the current item in the New Language column.
Make sure all items are properly translated, and then save the file.
Email the file according to the Information button.

Here is the link for the download.
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