Author Topic: Things that need Major work for next Alpha Release  (Read 3338 times)


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Things that need Major work for next Alpha Release
« on: January 23, 2006, 03:09:07 PM »
Hello Everyone

I thought I would start a discussion of some of the major things that need work/changing for the next Alpha Release. (After 20060108)

1. The Text Window Control - needs a major re-write. I am in the process of re-writing this, but its going a bit slow. Text selection was a big mess as was URL detection, and line wrapping. It is nice to be finally rid of the richtextbox's, but of course, the replacement needs to be better.

2. The Winsock Control - I want to remove the dependency of mswinsck.ocx and find a solution that uses Winsock API instead. This is also in process, and will soon need testing.

3. Languages - I have started the language DLL's, and it is working to some degree. What I need to decide on next is, how much of IceChat should be translatable. (if thats a word) Currently, all the standard IRC messages are able to be translated (ex: User joined #channel). The menu's will probably need to be translated as well. What about all the Options and Server Editor, etc etc.

4. A lot of the internal custom user control's will be added into an external OCX file(s) for easier updating for future releases (ex: Text Control). I am thinking of releasing some of these controls for open source, as many of them have been derived from other open source projects. This will reduce the size of the main EXE as well, and make updating individual controls easier for the future.

Any input on these "4" things would be appreciated.  And I would like to remain only on these 4 ideas for this post.

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Re: Things that need Major work for next Alpha Release
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2006, 11:51:38 PM »
Well for the languages, it should be possible to have a text-file in a standard format for each languge.
For example it could follow something like
Code: [Select]
#user joins channel
user joins channel
#user leaves channel
user leaves channel

Code: [Select]
#user joins channel
useray oinsjay annelchay
#user leaves channel
userar eaveslay annelchay

This would make it possible for individual users to (if they need to) do custom translations into obscure langues, or humorous languages (like pig-latin in the second example) if the need arises. The file could contain all the text used in the menus windows etc.
It would also mean that only one language user file would be needed as all the text could just be drawn from the languge file.
An example of a program that already does this is boinc
This could decrease the time needed in translations, as users could do the majority of the work used in translations