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More advanced customization
« on: September 17, 2005, 02:49:13 PM »
Some more customization options, making it completely customizable:

  • Change the symbols for user modes (like a +v is  + and such) to small image files (like emoticons)
  • Custom Highlight options, like highlight a certain persons text a different color (think this can be done with a script, or current options, but this would still make things easier for everyone else)
  • more options on how to handle links (like if there is a link containing this and this, open the link with this browser, other links just open with the default, for example any site containing *ytmnd* will open for IE or another specified browser, while all else would be handled with firefox)
  • Link preview window/sidebar (just a sidebar that has a thumbnail of a certain link and a little google search bar in it so you can search for something, would be great for handling malicous links IMO)
  • More color options, (more colors, of course) and the ability to change every single color in the client
  • Plugin support (for advanced users) so you could drop a .dll in there to handle certain other things (such as custom toolbars, custom application schemes, alternative scripting languages, etc...)
  • Being able to customize the toolbar pictures and what sidebars are always there or not
  • Multiuser select in the nicklist, and mass voice/devoice and other op commands, so I can select everyone who I want voiced/devoiced and have it +v or -v all those people in the same command (I asked for help on this before, but it was too hard to come up with anything for that)
  • An embedded media player (ooo, what fun this would be) so it would be like iceamp, with a movie/visualization and other support (find some way to embed winamp into a sidebar, I think that would be easier than coding an actual media player  :wink:) Or just have it so we can have plugins do that and make us do it ourselves
  • A script making utility (this could be made after the client i guess), this would help people make their own simple scripts, not for advanced users who need more room and options, but this is what it would be like:
    • Note: All boxes will have a dropdown menu that will let you select common or default commands
    • number box and submit button, controls how many triggers there are.
    • trigger boxes here
    • Number box and a sumbit button (so you can set how many actions to perform on that trigger
    • The action boxes would go here
    • other stuff could go down below the rest of it, like script information, creator, version number, and other stuff

I have more ideas, but I forgot them while typing this.
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Re: More advanced customization
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2005, 03:43:11 PM »
Changing symbols and adding little pictures - no
Custom Highlight Options - coming eventually
Options to handle links - not sure
Link Preview Window - no
Plugin Support - no
Custom Toolbar - not sure, since a new toolbar still is being created
Multiuser Select - coming eventually
Media Player - no
Script making utility - no
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