Author Topic: New Windows 10 Fall Update Features !  (Read 237 times)


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New Windows 10 Fall Update Features !
« on: December 07, 2017, 02:19:40 AM »
If you've got the new Windows 10 Creators Fall Update then check this out —it has 2 features among many that really stand out:
Add emojis from your keyboard: The new Windowz 10 feature update adds a built-in emoji panel !! Press Windows logo key  + period (.) to open an emoji panel, then express yourself with emoji wherever you want, such as conversations, docs, and even web searches.
Talk instead of type: Talk to write an email or message instead of typing it. Select touch keyboard  on the taskbar, select microphone  or press Windows logo key   + H, then talk to dictate.
P.S: It did shave 10 GB off my Windows partition —especially since I'am running low on disk space on it. Oh & added Great Britain language pack (it always does that —had to remove it.)
P.S: Also Task Manager is not Metro-UI based anymore —so for instance, when I use CursorFX Plus "Light Ring" mouse cursor, which always turns invisible when hovering over Metro-UI menus —like Taskbar Jump Lists —this one is iron-clad (no more cursor issues) ! Also Task Man now shows GPU & GPU Engine (correct me if I'am wrong & it showed these before.) !!!
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