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« on: June 16, 2009, 11:19:04 AM »
Just want to thank the Icechat team for such a wonderful client.  I've only been using IRC for about a year or two(yeah, I know, "Welcome to the Internet"), and that whole time I've only ever used Icechat.  So, seeing that Icechat 2009 is around the corner, and that the source is online, I grabbed it to take a look.  It's very good so far.  Obviously not a finished product, but impressive(at least to me) none the less.  I'm a bit of a programmer myself, and would like to do what I can to help this wonderful product out.  I've been toying with the source a bit, and so far the most impressive thing I've done is change the color of the message if the message has the name of the user in it(ie, my user is DarkNyvek, and someone types "DarkNyvek: hey, how's it going?", then that msg would be red).  If there is anything in particular that can be done, let me know.  I'd love to jump in and help.  Thanks again.


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Re: Wonderful
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Before long you'll be doing things you never thought possible in the script editor


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Re: Wonderful
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Excellent to hear.

Well, as you can  see, there is a fair amount of 'stuff' that needs to be done.
But even for now, try finding some bugs in what we have so far (if there are any, lol).

The IceChat Editor Form needs to be made, that would be a place to start. No need to make it actually work (IE: no need to make the scripts work yet), just make it save files, open, etc. That shouldn't be too difficult to take on.

Feel free to ask any questions, I am making a Forum Area specifically for coding, for ppl that wish to talk code (C#).
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