Author Topic: Updated Server.ini File Corrections to Undernet only  (Read 5906 times)


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Updated Server.ini File Corrections to Undernet only
« on: January 11, 2009, 01:35:00 AM »
I took some time to update the servers listed in the server.ini file for the Undernet network, posted below!

Code: [Select]
n352=Undernet: Random EU
n353=Undernet: Random US
n354=Undernet: EU, RO,,7000GROUP:Undernet
n355=Undernet: US, TX,,7000GROUP:Undernet
n356=Undernet: EU, NL,,7000GROUP:Undernet
n357=Undernet: EU, NL, EdeSERVER:Ede.NL.EU.UnderNet.Org:6667-6669,7000GROUP:Undernet
n358=Undernet: EU, BE,,7000GROUP:Undernet
n359=Undernet: EU, AT,,7000GROUP:Undernet
n360=Undernet: EU, FI,,7000GROUP:Undernet
n361=Undernet: EU, NL,,6667,6668GROUP:Undernet
n362=Undernet: US, AZ,,6665-6667,7000GROUP:Undernet
n363=Undernet: US, AZ,,6665-6667,7000GROUP:Undernet
n364=Undernet: EU, SE,,7000GROUP:Undernet
n365=Undernet: EU, AS,,7000,9000GROUP:Undernet
n366=Undernet: US, CA,,7000GROUP:Undernet
n367=Undernet: US, FL,,6665-6667,7000GROUP:Undernet
n368=Undernet: EU, NO,,7000GROUP:Undernet
n369=Undernet: EU, HR,
n370=Undernet: CA, BC,
n371=UnderZ: Random
n372=Unerror: Random
n373=uNFIrc: Random,7000GROUP:uNFIrc
n374=UnionLatina: Random
n375=UnixAuthority: Random
n376=Unreal-IRC: Random Random
n378=VirtuaLife: Random
n379=Voila: Random
n380=WatNet: Random
n381=WebChatting: Random
n382=Webnet: Random,7000GROUP:Webnet
n383=Webnet: US, CA, Santa
n384=WhatNet: Random
n385=WildChat: Random,7000GROUP:WildChat
n386=WildGhosts: Random
n387=WorldIRC: Random
n388=Worldnet: Random,7000GROUP:Worldnet
n389=WyldRyde: Random
n390=Xelium: Random,7000GROUP:Xelium
n391=XentoniX: Random
n392=Xevion: Random,7000GROUP:Xevion
n393=XPnet: Random
n394=Xtasy-Chat: Random
n395=ZAnet Net: Random
n396=ZAnet Org: UK,
n397=ZeroFuzion: Random
n398=ZiRC: Random
n399=ZUHnet: Random
n400=ZurnaNet: Random
n401=GameSwitch: Global
n402=GameSwitch: Europe
n403=GameSwitch: US
n404=GameSwitch: Australia

?Hint start at Undernet and select all below, then paste this in its place.


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Re: Updated Server.ini File Corrections to Undernet only
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2009, 10:58:02 AM »
Many thanks, but the file is ServerList.ini.
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Re: Updated Server.ini File Corrections to Undernet only
« Reply #2 on: January 18, 2009, 10:28:53 PM »
Eek, a typo and I am unable to edit the original post  :oops: Thanks for the correction Snerf!