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IceChat 7.62 Released
« on: January 27, 2008, 02:45:22 PM »
IceChat 7.62 has been released today. This is mainly an update to how the internal updater is done now. In 7.61, the IceChat Updater, an external program, was removed, as it just was not working correctly. So an internal updater was made, but too many issues with Windows Vista, just did not work properly on some systems.

As for IceChat 7.62 and later versions, IceChat will check for an update once a week, as it always has, but will now point to a website to point to the update file. You can then download the updater from there. This updater is no longer a zip file, to ease the update process for more unfamiliar users. The updater should also tell the user to close IceChat, if it is running, so that the update process can run properly.

This should make the update process of IceChat a lot easier in future versions.

Thanks for your patience.
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