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IceChat 7.61 Released
« on: December 30, 2007, 03:44:37 PM »
Well, just in time before the year ended, I managed to squeeze in the IceChat 7.61 release.

** Changes made in latest build 7.61 (20071230) December 2007 **
-- Fixed problem with |'s in nick from nicklist popup in channel window
-- Fixed problem with System Tray Icon flashing not stopping
-- Fixed problem with spaces appearing in links from double clicking
-- Added the /clipboard command for adding text to the clipboard
-- Added the /print command, just like /echo, but does not save to logfile
-- Added $ossp for returning Windows Service pack
-- Added $osspnum for returning Windows Service pack number
-- Added option to disable All sound events/playing in Sound Events
-- Added option /play ON/OFF to disable all sounds
-- Added $soundson identifier to see if all sounds are enabled/disabled
-- Added CTRL-O (Cancel all Codes) now works in Editor and Topic
-- Added Network search to the Search Menu
-- Added WMA support for sounds
-- Added parsing $identifiers in captions for Popupmenus (not ScriptMenu)
-- Added ALT-Enter goes to next line in Multiline editbox
-- Added On Buddy IceChat7 Script Event
-- Added Buddy List section on Server Tree, for online buddies

If you have IceChat 7.60, it should auto update on its own, or use the Manual Check for Update from the Main Menu.

You can download it manually at

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