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Title: What is UP with identd???
Post by: lbb on August 20, 2005, 10:45:42 AM
This HAS to be an incredibly obvious question, but I did look in the FAQ and no such luck.  I just installed IceChat 5.50 build 010905 and tried to connect to a server (first one on the default list,, if it matters) and got a nastygram that I had to be running identd.

So I betook myself to the help and found only one reference to identd in the FAQ, saying that for a server to be able to talk to iidentd on the client, I had to open TCP port 113.  Okay, done.  Fine.  But, I thought even as I did it, that just opens the port, it doesn't turn on identd.  Well, maybe that's just running all the time anyway, right?  Maybe?  No such luck. 

I couldn't find anything in the help.  I couldn't find anything on this website.  I admire the artful concealment of what appears to be a fundamental piece of information necessary to get this software to actually work, but abstract appreciation is quickly giving way to desire for a less elegant but more direct solution.  If anyone can tell me what incredibly obvious thing I'm missing, I'd be grateful. 
Title: Re: What is UP with identd???
Post by: Snerf on August 20, 2005, 02:28:19 PM
The IdentD is as simple as that. Port 113 needs to be open.
If you are still having IdentD problems, that port is not open.

The IdentD server is run automatically on connection to a server, there are no configuration settings, other than the ident name.
So there is nothing that needs to be "turned on" other then making sure that Port 113 is open.