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Title: IceChat 7 Alpha 041505 Released
Post by: Snerf on April 15, 2005, 09:50:54 PM
So, here we are, 10 days after the previous Alpah release, with another.
Its running a lot better so far, and more things working, including emoticons.

-Changes made in latest build (041505)
 -Server Editor behaving better when adding new servers
 -whois on query option now working
 -Auto join channel on invite option now working
 -Nicklist working better, updating properly (not 100% yet, needs more testing)
 -URL detecting in windows (cursor changes to hand while hovering over)
  -you can double click the URL to open it in a new browser window
 -Nickname detecting in channel windows, if user in channel
  -you can right click the nickname in the channel window to get nicklist popup window
 -#channel name detecting , double click to join
 -added 2 new color settings (ctcpreply and ctcp send)
  -sorry, this will mess up your color settings, just restore default to fix
  -not all background colors implement yet
 -Channel CTCP's now go to the channel windows
 -IceChat does not move its self to topmost window on new query/channel