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Title: Slap
Post by: Nequissimus on March 08, 2004, 05:27:14 AM
How about slapping someone as it is possible in mIRC

I really enjoy it but with IceChat I always have to type "/me hits someone with a baseball bat""
You could make a

script out of that but I think it would be much better if it is already in IceChat 6.
Just right click, slap and it does

"/me hits someone straight into the face!"
Title: Re: Slap
Post by: Snerf on March 08, 2004, 08:21:39 AM
And again, the third request you have asked for, and

this is also a possibility in Version 5, by editing the popup menus.

Please, add requests for features here that are

not currently in Version 5 already, as we are not going to be taking features away from the new version.