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NOTE: All IceChat 7 scripts must be copied to the IceChat Data/Scripts folder. To easily browse to this folder, open the IceChat Editor, from the File Menu, choose "Explore Scripts Folder". You can then load your scripts in the Script Editor.
If you do not do this, your scripts will not run.


NOTE: All IceChat 9 plugins must be copied to the Plugins folder. To easily browse to this folder, open the Help Menu, choose "Browse Plugins Folder", and copy the DLL file(s) here. Then just restart IceChat, and the new plugin will get automatically loaded.


IceChat 9 Plugins Downloads

Simple Script PluginSnerf5077v1.2 Updated May 9, 2015. This is a very simple script plugin, allows you to send commands on matching texts/events for Channel Message/Action Private Message/Action and Channel Joins. Added new Channel and new Query event for v1.1 and for v1.2 added matching of Nicks/Hosts/Accounts for text match
Google PluginSnerf11390Typing !google and then a search , will notice back the top 5 google results. V1.4, updated July 5, 2016. Should run smoother with 1.4 update, not freezing up IceChat.
HighLite PluginSnerf8790Text Highlite Plugin v2.9 adds another tab into the Colors Settings. Updated May 28, 2015, fix regex/match issues.
Buzzen PluginSnerf8490A plugin to allow you to connect to the Buzzen IRC Network
Twitter PluginSnerf7400Version 2.0 Need to use with IceChat 9 RC 4 and up. This plugin will allow you to follow twitter feeds in its on @twitter window. Settings in the IceChat Settings window. Updated to Twitter API 1.1
Channel MonitorSnerf8724Channel Monitor v1.51. Right click Server Tree channel to Toggle the Monitor. Added red highlight if nickname has been said. Updated May 22, 2016.
Nick Highlite PluginSnerf8048v1.2 - Updated Feb 22, 2015 - Allows you to Highlite Nicknames in the Nicklist, and you can use wild cards. Allows for Host matches now as well. Fixes for regex matches
Decide PluginSnerf1764Works the same as the !decide script. Type "!decide alt1,alt2,alt3" (without quotes) and the script will randomly chose one of the alternatives. The script triggers for everyone. v1.0
Bible PluginSnerf1055Version 1.1. Type "!bible romans 3:23" and it return the verse back into the channel. Use any book and verse.

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