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NOTE: All IceChat 7 scripts must be copied to the IceChat Data/Scripts folder. To easily browse to this folder, open the IceChat Editor, from the File Menu, choose "Explore Scripts Folder". You can then load your scripts in the Script Editor.
If you do not do this, your scripts will not run.


NOTE: All IceChat 9 plugins must be copied to the Plugins folder. To easily browse to this folder, open the Help Menu, choose "Browse Plugins Folder", and copy the DLL file(s) here. Then just restart IceChat, and the new plugin will get automatically loaded.


All IceChat Downloads

IceChat Full InstallIcechat7Snerf499270This is the Full Install of the IceChat IRC Client, latest Version 7.80. Released on December 15, 2014. Includes Windows 8 fixes. IceChat can connect to many IRC Servers, has full scripting support and customizable popup menus and a unique, easy to use Interface. It has emoticon support, skins, full DCC Support, and easy to setup for Multi Servers. IceChat is in constant development, and is totally free to use.
Trivia ScriptScriptsSnerf14840Trivia script for IceChat 7. Unzip these files into the C:\\Documents and Settings\\%username%\\Application Data\\IceChat\\Scripts folder. and then load trivia.ics in the Script Editor. Read the trivia_help.txt file on how to setup the script.
IceAmp 7ScriptsSnerf10752IceAmp 7 - This is the old IceAmp script, but re-made to work in IceChat 7. Place this file in ''C:\\Documents and Settings\\%username%\\Application Data\\IceChat\\Scripts'' Folder. Makes or adds to the Script Menu , on the main menu bar.
IceAmp 7 ControllerScriptsSnerf10392Updated December 30, 2007. This is not really a script, but a seperate, very small program that interfaces between IceChat 7 and WinAmp. Unzip into the Program Files\\IceChat7 folder. Instructions are in the iceamp7.txt file.
FServeScriptsSnerf8703IceServe v1.1 - File Server for IceChat 7. Only need to load fserve.ics file, and the script takes care of the rest. '/! SetupFServe' to load the setup for the FileServer. Made a small fix to make this work in IceChat 7.63.
!Decide ScriptScriptsSnerf8496A script to make those hard decisions for you. Type "!decide alt1,alt2,alt3" (without quotes) and the script will randomly chose one of the alternatives. The script supports any number of alternatives and they can even contain spaces, since the alternatives are separated by commas. The script will trigger for everyone, including yourself.
Flood KickerScriptsSnerf8482Sets a specific channel , that by default will check if a person sends 5 messages within 15 seconds, and will kick them from the channel. It also will not kick voice and ops by default, but these settings can be changed. By default it is set to only work in the "#icechat" channel, please change this to suite your channel. Other settings can be changed as well.
Basic Clone ScannerScriptsSnerf9152This is a very basic clone scanner that will notify with an echo message and a sound played when a person enters a channel with a clone. Change the default channel from #icechat to make it work in your channel. Unzip the file into the Scripts folder, and move the clone.wav file into the WAVS folder.
Roll the DiceScriptsSnerf8799A dice rolling script. !dice 3 6 <- rolls a 6-sided die 3 times Limits it to a maximum of 10 rolls.
Rejoin KickerScriptsSnerf8816This script will kick/ban someone for 3 minutes (180 seconds) who gets kicked, and returns back to the channel within 60 seconds.
!Google Search ScriptScriptsSnerf8765Updated September 30, 2008: Bug fixes with googles new search result system. Works with YouTube and if no search results, and now works asynchronously, so it will not hang IceChat on searches. Load this script, and anyone can do google searches, and the script will notice them the top 5 results. !google what_to_search
Message Repeat KickerScriptsSnerf8296This will kick anyone that repeats the same message 3 times. You can change the MaxRepetitions value to increase or decrease, and change the #somechannel for setting it to your channel.
!seen ScriptScriptsSnerf9102Seen Script v3.1 When you load this script for the first time, you immediately need to run the scan command to create the files necessary for storing the information. Also whenever you join a new channel, scan it, and everytime you connect, scan all channels to update the database. Add this command to aliases: /scan:/! scan $1 Then, to scan a channel, it is: /scan #channel
UnoScriptsMorio9533UNO script v1.0. !uno - starts a new game (if a game is not being played at the moment) !join - join a game !play - play a card (!play y7) !draw - draw a card from the deck !pass - pass over your turn to the next player (can only be done if you have already drawn a card from the deck !stop - stops the game (for the gamestarter and operators only) !help - shows a list of commands NOTE: Most import part. Edit the script on the line where it says -- If not Channel = "#icechat" then Exit Sub . Change #icechat to your channel name. Does not work for the person who loaded the script, only others.
Simple Script PluginPluginsSnerf4099v1.2 Updated May 9, 2015. This is a very simple script plugin, allows you to send commands on matching texts/events for Channel Message/Action Private Message/Action and Channel Joins. Added new Channel and new Query event for v1.1 and for v1.2 added matching of Nicks/Hosts/Accounts for text match
IceChat 9.14Icechat9Snerf115541IceChat 9.14 - Latest version of IceChat 9, minor fix to update the font problem introduced in 9.12 Released October 8, 2016
IceChat 3.76ArchiveSnerf932Released December 2002
IceChat 4.13ArchiveSnerf924Released April 2003
IceChat 5.50ArchiveSnerf1018Released January 2005
IceChat 7.0ArchiveSnerf1050Released September 2006
IceChat 7.10ArchiveSnerf1418Released December 2006
Google PluginPluginsSnerf9364Typing !google and then a search , will notice back the top 5 google results. V1.4, updated July 5, 2016. Should run smoother with 1.4 update, not freezing up IceChat.
HighLite PluginPluginsSnerf7738Text Highlite Plugin v2.9 adds another tab into the Colors Settings. Updated May 28, 2015, fix regex/match issues.
Buzzen PluginPluginsSnerf7584A plugin to allow you to connect to the Buzzen IRC Network
Twitter PluginPluginsSnerf6529Version 2.0 Need to use with IceChat 9 RC 4 and up. This plugin will allow you to follow twitter feeds in its on @twitter window. Settings in the IceChat Settings window. Updated to Twitter API 1.1
Channel MonitorPluginsSnerf7787Channel Monitor v1.51. Right click Server Tree channel to Toggle the Monitor. Added red highlight if nickname has been said. Updated May 22, 2016.
Nick Highlite PluginPluginsSnerf6985v1.2 - Updated Feb 22, 2015 - Allows you to Highlite Nicknames in the Nicklist, and you can use wild cards. Allows for Host matches now as well. Fixes for regex matches
NickAlertScriptsNdtm3292[v1.1] A script which lets you set up strings which when said by other users will either log their message to a custom channel (so you can find it later all in one place) , play a sound file of your choice, both or even make it run a custom command on top of all that or on it's own. Commands: "/menu" will open up the dialog window where you customize everything, "/pings" will Mute/Unmute pings until used again. More Details at the link in the included text file. Updated Apr 23, 2016.
IceChat 9,13 PortableIcechat9Snerf6022Portable version of IceChat 9, no installer. Click here for more information on how to use this version.
Microsoft .Net 3.5Icechat9Microsoft3782Microsoft .net 3.5 installer, this is normally installed with Windows, but if you do not have this installed, download it here.
IceChat 9 EmoticonsIcechat9Snerf3830IceChat 9 Emoticons
Decide PluginPluginsSnerf763Works the same as the !decide script. Type "!decide alt1,alt2,alt3" (without quotes) and the script will randomly chose one of the alternatives. The script triggers for everyone. v1.0
Bible PluginPluginsSnerf11Version 1.1. Type "!bible romans 3:23" and it return the verse back into the channel. Use any book and verse.

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