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IceChat Version 5
« on: December 25, 2006, 10:58:29 PM »
Hello everyone
First of all i most thank everybody involved in the IceChat Script Project

I have one little criticisme or observation it you prefer

I prefer the Version 5, it has everything nicely done.

1) In the version 5 when you look at the list you can see which username you are using for which server or network.

in this version 7 unless you click on edit as if you are going to edit it, you won't be able to tell which username you're

about to use.

2) the second thing i don't like about the version 7 is that when you want to list the chanlist, you are taken to the IRCsearch website.

Which means i can't offer it to my users for download, sometimes they need to see what other chans are available on the network before they can move to another channel, and to be honest some people, can't use /join #chan or any of the basic  irc commands, simply because they can't remember them.

What if your network or server isn't on that website?? like mine for example is not listed so i am not able to view my chanlist. unless i use the /List

And in order to add you network to their website you must do one million things which i found an absolute waste of time.
for example one of their conditions is that my network has to match my e-mail address, well i am not interested then, because i use a thrid party e-mail account.

Apart from that i quite like the IceChat script, if you guys could add some more features to it, it would be nice.

Thank you for all your hard work


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Re: IceChat Version 5
« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2006, 01:17:19 PM »
Well, if you prefer version 5, then thats what you can use. This is why it is still available for download.

For the nickname issue, what I have done for version 7.01 is add a tooltip to each item in the server list, which shows the server name and then your current nickname in brackets. The other items were removed because it cluttered things up a bit.

As for the channel list issue, I am assuming you mean from using the Toolbar button. The main reason why it was set to go to that website was, IceChat lags badly on larger channel lists. There is still the Channel List menu, where it has an item "Get List manually" which just sends a /list command to the server. Or you can of course, type /list, which is very simple.

As for the issue about not remembering commands, thats what the ? button down below is for. To help them. Yes, a lot of people don't/can't even do that, but such is life.
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