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PopUp Menus for Channel
« on: November 21, 2006, 11:22:23 AM »
so, i already forgot the most channel modes, so i've made some popups for this

Code: [Select]
..Ivited Only: mode $chan +i
..All: mode $chan -i
..Limit 10:mode $chan +l 10
..Limit 20:mode $chan +l 20
..Limit 30:mode $chan +l 30
..Limit 40:mode $chan +l 40
..Limit 50:mode $chan +l 50 Limit:mode $chan -l
..Moderated:mode $chan +m
..Unmoderated:mode $chan -m
.Extern Messages
..Yes:mode §chan -n
..No:mode $chan +n
..Yes:mode $chan +p
..No:mode $chan -p

copy this, go to icechat, open the editor, push on "popups menus" choose in the top "Channel" from "Popup type" and paste the copied text into the text-box, and push "save and exit"
now you cann right click on the channel window, and you will see what's happend

i know, you could double klick on the channel window, but there are not all modes, and my menus aren't finished

i hope it would be nice to you