Author Topic: IceChat 7 ready for Full Release  (Read 4640 times)


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IceChat 7 ready for Full Release
« on: September 06, 2006, 05:32:48 PM »
First, I would like to thank everyone for trying out IceChat 7 Beta.

This is to everyone that took an active part in testing out the Beta versions, and reportting errors to myself in the #icechat channel or here.

If you have 'any' problems with IceChat 7 Beta Build 20060726, or later, that has not been mentioned to me, I do need to know about it, ASAP. I do not want to release the program, and then find out 2 days later, there was a tiny bug that was not mentioned to myself. Also, I did make later builds then 20060726, just did not make the public, but I can provide the link if you ask for it in the #icechat support channel. This way we can see if the bug is still in the latest build (if there is a bug).

If you have 'any' issues, please tell me here, or tell me in #icechat support channel.

I want a good, quality product released, so the fewer the bugs, the better.

I am aiming for mid September for fully releasing IceChat 7, unless something drastic happens.
Thanks again

The IceChat God