Author Topic: IceChat 7 Beta 20060627 Released  (Read 4187 times)


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IceChat 7 Beta 20060627 Released
« on: June 27, 2006, 01:09:14 PM »
Next Beta version released today, with a few more fixed, and hopefully more stability.

** Changes made in latest build (20060627) June 2006 **
-- Fixed bug with MouseWheel in Dcc Chat window
-- Added option to disable DDE
-- Fixed bugs with not working properly with channels that start with ! and &
-- Added option to look through Full Server List when adding a new server
-- Added OPEN/CLOSE Script Events for Query's, when a new Query Opens, or one closes
-- Added /write command to write text to a text file. /write [-c] <filename> [text]
   -the -c parameter will clear the text file before writing to it
-- For Nick Tab Complete, if a nickname is selected in the NickList, that nick is typed
   -to deselect all nicknames in the nicklist, click the #channel header in the list
-- Fixed URL selection problem in Text Windows, when URL's were line wrapped
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