Author Topic: Whats going to happen with Version 5.50?  (Read 16461 times)


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Whats going to happen with Version 5.50?
« on: April 18, 2006, 02:50:19 PM »
Well, as we are nearing the stages of IceChat 7 coming to completion, people may be wondering whats going to happen with Version 5.50? Will it still be supported? Will we be able to still use it?

1. IceChat 5.50 is available on countless websites for download already, and I am not about to try and find every single one of them, and tell them to switch to Version 7, so 5.50 will be still available for download all over the place. The download sites with the most traffic from them will try and get updated, seems the most logical approach. Heck, there are still sites offering Version 3.x.

2. IceChat 5.50 did have a few bugs/problems in it, nothing major though. It does not seem worth my time to try and fix these issues with 5.50. But, if someone gives me a valid enough reason that they can not upgrade to Version 7, I may address the issues. I may be changing the Text Window in 5.50 to use the one that was created for 7.0, and change over the nicklist window as well, but that would probably be the majority of the work. This would probably release as 5.60 then.

IceChat 5.50 will be available for download in the Archive Section for anyone wanting it still, along with many other previous versions. Support for it will pretty much come to a stand still, as Version 7.0 will be quite a leap forward, but I will not remove any of the forum areas, or stop answering questions about it.

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