Author Topic: How to open a web browser to a page based on the name of a person in the nicklst  (Read 3328 times)


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Heya, new to Icechat and too the forums :D

I am a recent mIRC convert. So, I need to convert just one of my scripts for satisfactory use of Icechat. You see, it checks the profile of users who have registered with the website. We use +N to lock nicks so we can check their profiles etc.

Here is the script in its mirc form:

menu nicklist {
  View Profile:url -n $+ $1

So the script in essence lets you right click on the name of someone in the nicklist and pick View Profile. and a browser window opens to that page with their name at the end.

Now I am NOT going to learn VBScript just to convert one stupid script.

But if anyone has any ideas, they'd be appreciated. We all use mIRC (or our own special webchat) on that network for the fact of the script. But it might be good to persuade some people to IceChat :D



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menu nicklist {
  View Profile:url -n $+ $1

What this is doing is just adding an item to the Nicklist Popup Menu.
So what you want to do is open the PopupMenu Editor, and choose nicklist.
Then add this to the bottom of it.
Code: [Select]
View Profile:/browser $+ $nick

Not much different, as you can see. This opens it in the build in IceChat Browser.
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