Author Topic: IceChat 7 Alpha 042705 Released  (Read 3227 times)


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IceChat 7 Alpha 042705 Released
« on: April 27, 2005, 06:07:43 PM »
-Changes made in latest build (042705)
 -Nicklist shows Halfop/Admin/Owner/Sop in proper colors
 -Word over/URL Detection now works with wrapped words
 -errors.txt file now placed in same folder as IceChat7.exe - temporary
 -Use Single Message Window option now working. (@Messages Window)
   -this window works for all servers, so only 1 window needed, prefixes msg with {ServerNumber}
 -In Events under Options, can now send events to @Messages Window
 -ability to create custom windows with /window command (/window @windowname)
 -ability to add lines to a custom window (/aline @windowname This is some text)
   -/window and /aline will have more options in upcoming versions
 -Alias/Script editor, now automatically updates the Aliases/Scripts internally when saved
   -No need to save and update
 -MouseWheel scrolling works for text windows, as long as you select the window first
 -Added Dock Left/Right under View menu for Nicklist/ServerList
   -Drag and Drop works somewhat for serverlist/nicklist (still working on that)
   -Drag and Drop disabled for ToolBar/ChannelBar for the time being
 -Added IceChat 5 Script Support. In the IceChat Editor, on Load and Save, you choose the
   -IceChat 5 Script as a file type, changing the extension from .ICS to .ICE.
   -IceChat 5 Scripts need to have the ICE extension, while IceChat 7 Scripts need ICS
 -Background colors working for Console/Channels/Query/DccChat
 -Background color working for Nick List and Server List
   -Server list icons will be changed to transparent eventually.
 -Nick List Header returned, and resizable
 -Auto Return Setting for Away, will return on any non "/command" message
 -Default Server Settings properly save
 -Changed many of the messages that only appear in the client (not on other clients),
  these messages now start with ->> instead of * as before
Still no text selection in Windows.
Many more options still need to be added/changed, wait for upcoming Alpha's.
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