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IceChat 7 Features List
« on: March 22, 2005, 08:45:57 PM »

As I am looking through the list of wanted features, there are alot of them. So, I will add some of the more important/usefull ones first into the Alpha versions.

One of the main ones is Language support. I have now started on this. Language files will be plain text files, and they will have the ability to change the Menu's and default IRC messages. More will get added over time.  It would be nice to eventually have it change all the Windows, Options Windows, etc. This will all be kept in mind.

Once some of the basics of the Language Support is enabled, news will be displayed here on more suggestions, etc.

The other main thing, which is more for performance reasons, is to re-make the NickList. It causes slowdowns on larger channels, and I do have a solution in mind, its just causing me some problems atm, so it won't be added until I can get the majority of the bugs out of it.

The mirc scripting support is going very well so far, and I have managed to get basic scripts working flawlessly. The main thing now is just no variable/user level support. All I can say is, give things a try, and see what happens.

The BuddyList is currently not added, as I will re-do this when User Level support is added.

There was a feature request someone did give to me some time ago, was connecting to the server with a Random Nickname.  I thought this over, and it would be great for protection (if needed). What you could then do is check for a hostname change, like mode +x, or such, and then change back to your normal nick.  I have managed to do this with success on Quakenet and Undernet with mode +x, which would trigger RAW 396, or the HIDDENHOST event in Scripts.  An example script would look like this.

Code: [Select]

on ^:hiddenhost:{
if ($me != $servernick) { nick $servernick }

The ^ user level means it will only run for yourself, basically the opposite of the ! level.

Thanks again for all your patience.
IceChat 7 is looking to be a leap ahead of IceChat 5.

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