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IceChat 5.50 Released
« on: January 09, 2005, 10:25:37 PM »
January 9, 2005, IceChat 5.50 has been released.
There have been quite a large number of fixes and updates to this version.

A Great Big Thanks to everyone who beta tested 5.50, with out you, we could not get all the bugs fixed.

Here is a list of the changes/fixes.

Code: [Select]
Fixed #channel links not working on double clicks in Query.

Re-did Popup Editor, and now added Capability of using popups in Queries.

Fixed problem with doing popups for channels that were not active, used current active channel.
Now uses the channel that the popup originated in.

Channel modes to show in console, was not showing.

BNC re-worked, does not automatically connect, needs ONBNCCONNECT Script Event.

Fixed ChannelBar stopped working when connected to a BNC Server.

Added $bncserver, $bncport, $bncuser and $bncpass for BNC Server Settings.

Nickname change problem in Server Editor, while online.

Changed IRC Search under help menu to

MultiLine EditBox is no longer default, defaults back to single line,  MultiLine can be selected in View Settings.

/Describe command for a nickname now shows in Query.

Added ONDCCTEXT and ONDCCACTION Script Events.

Added ONAWAY Script Event.

Added Alias/Identifier support for Script Addins.

Script Engine recoded to run more stable.

Dcc Send/Resume Timer Bug/Crash fixed.

Dcc Send will not send if resume position is greater then file size.

Fixed DCC Chat windows that were not closing properly.

Added built in outgoing flood protection, disabled by default.
Look in Options -> Flood Protection.

Fixed Raw 314 WHOWAS bug, was not returning host.

Fixed if channel sorted with &, was not showing in nicklist properly.

Added & Channel prefix to default channel prefixes.
Properly parses $1 type identifiers, starting with parameter, not command, as $1.

Identifiers that did not need a server connection, can now be parsed w/o a connection.

Added ability to use $mask() type masks for Ignore's

Added $read() and $lines() to Identifiers.
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