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IceChat 7 WishList
« on: March 14, 2005, 10:44:04 AM »
Hello All.

Since IceChat 6 has been dropped, and work on IceChat 7 has begun, I have moved the Wishlist for IceChat 6 into the IceChat 7 section.

We have no release date for IceChat 7, stayed tuned for later news on how we are doing with Alpha/Beta versions.

The main changes for IceChat 7 over IceChat 5 so far are.

1. A new GUI, easier to use, re-vamped Server Editor and Options Window.

2. New Scripting engine, the old VBScript style will be dropped. Also a single file for the Popup menus, sectioned off. Also allowing multiple files for Aliases and Identifiers, making it easier to add plugins.

3. Changing default settings files location from the IceChat Programs folder to \Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\IceChat folder for WinXP/2000/NT Users. Will still be programs folder for Win9x/Me.

There are of course, many minor changes.
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