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Notice fowarder
« on: July 19, 2004, 07:50:30 AM »
Have you ever missed a notice because you

weren't viewing the server it came from? Not with this script. This one works alot like Buddy List advanced, but if you

recieve the notice on the current surver, it will do nothing. Don't get me wrong, I have taken precautions to avoid

forwarding certain notices. If the sender is recognized by the script as a service or the server, the notice will not be

fowarded. It recognizes services by the word 'Services' in their host. the script recognizes the server by the network name

(the network name is retrieved using an identifier), by a period in the nickname, or by the name


Sub ONNOTICE(Message,Nickname,Host,ServerNumber)
a = getidentifier("$currentwindowtype")
if nickname = getidentifier("$network",servernumber) then
 instr(host,"services") then
elseif instr(host,"security") then
elseif instr(nickname,".") then
elseif nickname <> "global" then
if a > 0 and a < 4 then
if servernumber <> currentservernumber then
  sendcommand "/echo -a " & servername(servernumber) & ": --" & nickname & "-- " & message, currentservernumber
end if
mesbox "Notice on " & servername(servernumber) & ": --" & nickname & "-- " & message, "Notice Forwarder"
end if
end if
End Sub

Here is an example of the fowarded

[10:24] --Zet-X-- This is an example of the fowarded


In the example, is the server address as displayed in the server list,

Zet-X being the sender's nickname, and 10:24 is the time when the message is fowarded.

Of course, the script isn't

perfect. If the script fowards a notice from a service or from the server, please post the server address, the nickname of

the sender, and the host for that nickname in this topic.

Here is an example of how to inform me of a fowarded notice

that was sent by a service or the server. In this example, I will report Nickserv from the same server as in the above one.

Please note that I do not include the address from the server list, but rather the address I am connected

Quote from: Example
Server Address:
Nickname: Nickserv


Nickserv is not a service on Quakenet, just a reserved name.
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