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slaps/assualts popup menu
« on: April 11, 2004, 02:34:47 AM »
i noticed someone asking for these in

teh wishlist forum so i was messing around and figured out how to add them to the popups.

click on options, then

shoose popup editor, then click on teh nicklist tab.

scroll down to the bottom of the text there and paste this


Code: [Select]
.custom:me slaps $nick around with $$?="/me slaps $nick around with...."
.fish:me slaps $nick in the face with a rotten old fish.
.dildo:me beats $nick to death with a 12" black rubber dildo.
.ugly stick:me whacks $nick about with the ugly stick for a while, only to realise that its not achieving anything.
.spoon:me cuts $nick's heart out with a spoon
.not spoon:me stabs $nick in the heart with his sword, "at least i didnt use a spoon"

and you will have a small set of predefined slaps/assualts when you right click on a users name and go down to the assaults part.

you will need to make sure that it doesnt wrap the lines, each line should start with a . and im sure you can figure out how to change some of them.
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slaps/assualts popup menu
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2004, 11:30:31 AM »
I took this script a bit further. I noticed a lot of mIRC users use an insult script from Overdrive - found on's website. The script is called slapper script. I took and converted slapper script to work with IceChat.

Some of the langauge of slapper script can be a bit vluger, so be forwarned. This script is big and adds 5 different insult menus to your Nickname Commands menu.

.custom:me slaps $nick around with $$?="/me slaps $nick around with.."
.fish:me slaps $nick in the face with a rotten old fish
.trout:me slaps $nick around a bit with a large trout
.ugly stick:me whacks $nick about with the ugly stick for a while, only to realise that its not achieving anything
.spoon:me cuts $nick's heart out with a spoon
.not spoon:me stabs $nick in the heart with his sword, "at least i didnt use a spoon"
.Monies:me gives $nick a huge pile of monopoly monies!
.Trout:me slaps $nick around with a large trout.
.Smelly Trout:me slaps $nick around a bit with the remains of a big Smelly Trout!
.Trout Reversal:me slaps a large trout around a bit with $nick, now you know how it feels.
.Trout Kick Ass:me grabs the trout from $nick, and kicks him/her in the balls, HOWS IT FEEL HUH?
.Bucket of Fish:me slaps $nick around with a big bucket of fish.
.Acme Anvil:me drops an Acme Anvil on $nick .
.Glove:me slaps $nick around with a glove.
.Armoured Glove:me slaps $nick around with an armoured glove.
.Hacking:me hacks into $nick's computer and slaps $nick up side the head with a rubber chicken!
.Freeze:me sends $nick to the Artics in Upper Canada and lets $nick freeze to death with the penguins!
.Wedgee:me runs up behind $nick and gives him/her a wedgeeeeeeeeeee. Feel better NOW ?????
.Wedgee 2:me grabs $nick's underwear, pulls it over $nick's head... Now you look much better. The brown stain accentuates the shoes.
.Noodle:me slaps $nick around a bit with a wet noddle.
.Vodka And Weed:me thinks the only way $nick can look better is with a bottle of vodka and a joint.
.Bath:me thinks that $nick REALLY needs a BATH... :)
.Wake Up:me slaps $nick to wake em up..
.Pillow:me slaps $nick over the head with a fluffy pillow.
.Rubber Chicken:me slaps $nick about the head and shoulders with a rubber chicken.
.Walk Backwards:me slaps $nick's face so hard, $nick has to walk backwards from now on to see where he/she is going.
.Brick:me slaps some sense into $nick with a red brick.
.Sledge Hammer:me hits $nick in the head with a sledge hammer and then hands $nick an Aspirin!
.Goldfish:me gives $nick a dozen GoldFish, who then takes them and swallows them, one by one.
.WetNoodle:me whips $nick with a wet noodle!
.The Pill:me warns $nick, don't make the same mistake your parents did.. use birth control.
.Pipe:me nails $nick in the calves with an iron pipe.
.Baseball Bat:me pops $nick in the side of the head with a baseball bat.
.Fork:me takes out a fork.. | me approaches $nick .. | me rams the fork up $nick's nose.
.Fire Hose:me slaps $nick with a fire hose!
.Law Suit:me slaps $nick with a huge law suit!
.Duck:me slaps $nick with a great big, wet, 100% rubber DUCK!
.Fudge:me slaps $nick with a gallon of hot fudge covered icecream topped with peanutbutter M&M's, runs over with a spoon and gives a devilish gleam.
.Squid:me slaps $nick with a large squid.. I hope you like seafood.
.Leg Pee:me says keep it up $nick I'll pee on your leg!
.Boot:me shoves an old boot down $nick's throat just to keep $nick quiet!
.Pillow:me Baps $nick with a soft feather pillow full of drake feathers
.Butt Slap:me whips $nick on the {{BUTT}} really hard!!!
.Biteme:say HEY $nick!!: {{{{{{{ Bite Me }}}}}}}.
.ShutUp:me yells at $nick Hey!!! Shut up or I'll rip your arm off and beat you with it!!!
.Chariot:me harnesses up $nick as a horse to my Chariot and then drives you around the arena with a Whip !!!
.BootyButt:me shakes (_/_)~(_I_)~(_\_)~(_I_)~(_/_)~ WOOOOOO at $nick Kiss my Booty; You Crazy Fool!!!
.StompBug:me warns $nick, Careful, or I'll STOMP ya like a (::) BUG!!
.Karate:me uses his karate and nails $nick in the head.
.Feeling Lucky?:me asks $nick do you feel lucky? Well do ya.. punk?
.Lightning:me uses my super human powers and rains lightning down on $nick
.Messing With?:me doesn't think $nick knows who they are messing with.
.Sneakin:me sneaks into $nick's place & replaces the computer with an 8088 processor with no sound card, no CD-Rom drive, a 20 Meg
HD, 512k RAM, 1200 baud modem & a monochrome monitor!
.LSD:me sneakes over to $nick's house and puts some LSD into $nick's glass of Coke!
.ColdWater:me throws a bucket of ICE water over the toilet stall door and hits $nick!
.Male or Female?:me hates to be personal $nick, but are you male or female.. It does make a difference.
.Bricks: say $nick dont make me fetch another brick. | .timer bricks1 1 1 me throws a brick at $nick. | .timer bricks2 1 2 me patches $nick
up with a band-aid 7(:::::[::::]:::::)6, "Be carefull next time you go walking into flying bricks"
.Nuts:me kicks $nick in da nuts.
.Large dildo:me slaps $nick . with a large dildo
.Punch:me hits $nick so hard that his/her kids will be born dizzy!
.Run:me yells RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, $nick is here. NEED I say more!!!!!!!
.Skunk:me throws an irate skunk into $nick's lap
.Pro Choice:me is pro-choice because of you $nick, you people make me wish everyone was pro-choice.
.Don't Start Something:say 1,4 1,8 't tt mthg 't fh!! 1,4 =======>13 $nick
.CocaCola Cowboy:say $nick, you're just a Coca Cola Cowboy!
.Alt+F4:say To get instant ops, just press Alt+F4
.Roses:me tellls $nick: Roses are red, violets are blue.. I was made beautiful, what the hell happened to you?
.Corn Flakes:me tells $nick Yep. I'd say you're almost as interesting as the corn flakes I had for breakfast this morning.
.Subway:me tells $nick, the only difference between your mother and a subway is that not EVERYBODY has ridden a subway.
.Elevator:me says your mom is like an elevator $nick, if you push the right button she'll go down on you!
.Shotgun:me says your mom is like a shotgun $nick, one cock and she's ready to blow.
.Race Car:me says your mom is like a racecar $nick, she can burn four rubbers in one night but she is going to have to pay me.
.Turn On:me says Yo moma is so fat $nick anyone can turn her on.
.HoHoHo:me tells $nick when I see a christmas card that says "Ho-Ho-Ho!" $nick, I know to address it to your mom.
.Accent:me asks if that is an accent $nick, or is that your mouth just full of sperm?
.Your Dad:me says if I would had 10 bucks $nick, I could have been your dad, but the guy in front of me had exact change.
.Light Switch:me says you're like a light switch $nick, even a little kid can turn you on.
.Babtized:me says to $nick, your mom is so fat that she had to get baptized at sea world!
.Chins:me tells $nick, your mom is so fat that she's got more chins than a chinese phone book
.Bath:me says your mom is so fat $nick that you gotta grease the tub to get her in the bath!
.She Pays Me:me asks $nick a favor. When you get a chance: would you tell your mom that starting tomorrow night, she is going to have to pay me.
.Mom's Fat:say Your mom is so fat $nick she sat on a quarter and squished a booger out of George Washington's nose.
.Nice BandAid:me patches $nick up with a band-aid 7(:::::[::::]:::::)6, "Now you be carefull next time"
.Rose:me hands $nick a rose 4@>3--'--,--
.Hug:me hugs $nick.


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