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Two Items, well two and a half
« on: February 25, 2005, 01:00:58 PM »
First off, I checked out the

Alpha, your on the right track, two, well two and a half, Items I can see to put it above the others.

- Encoding./ IME

Right now it seems only to be western encoding wich is fine if you only know english, some of us use multipal

languages (japanese) If you use UTF-8 encoding methods (most linux clinents use this by default, only Kvirc in windows is the

only windows client ive come across that has it) it supports the display of quite a few languages.  Adding in support for

XP's IME (imput method Engine) for multipal languages would be very nice.  Thus allowing the user to communicate through a

lot of languages.

- Avitar Support
Not very many have this Kvirc does.  It relates to a picture file about 80x80 in

size above the nick name.  This allows the user to see the person on the other side.  If they dont have the client, Kvirc

allows you to "register" them and select a jpg to use for it.  This works really well in small chatrooms 20-30 people in

size, and if some one isnt registered on your side theres no picture to show.  Its registered by Nick!Username@hostmask and

veriations of it.

They can see the other person if they "offer" their avitar, wich translates to a CTCP command to the

client, if accepted DCC's the picture and assigns it to the person automatically.

If users dont want to see the

pictures of people you could set it up as an option so it either doesnt show or just when you hover the mouse over the


- a kudo and a request for a small fix.
In 5.5 to use the $read(Filename.txt.N) function the only way it

will read from a text file is if its in the script directory, can you change this to allow folks to but the text file where

ever.  I mostly use this for a WMP announce script that drops the info into a text file wich I have other programs (like my

instant messenger, or email, etc) pulling information from.  The ability to read Unicode text files (ones with non ASCII,

multibite characters) would be very sweat and ahead of the pack.



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Two Items, well two and a half
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2005, 01:09:19 PM »
Ok, I have made a note of your request. Looks like you want

IceChat to just become like KvIrc.  The Avatar idea works fine for that client, but imo, it just makes it act like an IM,

which is not the direction I want to go with the client.

On a small side note, if you pass the "full path" of the txt

file to $read, it will also work. However, this does not work for relative paths, that will come in a later


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