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A Better Re-Join on Kick Script
« on: April 05, 2004, 07:21:40 PM »
Code: [Select]
Dim LastKicked

Sub ONKICK(Nickname,Host,Channel,WhoKicked,Reason,ServerNumber)
If LastKicked <> Channel then
     If Nickname = MyNickName(ServerNumber) then
          're-join in 5 seconds
          SendCommand "/timer 1 1 5 /join " & Channel,ServerNumber
          LastKicked = Channel
     End if
     'already kicked before - rejoin 60 seconds
     SendCommand "/timer 1 1 60 /join " & Channel, ServerNumber
     LastKicked = ""
End if
End Sub


This will make a timer which will make IceChat Rejoin in 5 Seconds, not annoying some of the "instant" kickers.
It also checks for things, like if it got kicked already, it wont join again.
So it remembers the last channel you got kicked from, and will then re-join in 60 seconds instead.

To use this script in IceChat 7.11 or below, open the IceChat Editor, and go to the Scripts Tab.
Paste the file into the editor.
Go to the File Menu, and choose Save as, and change the file type to IceChat 5 Scripts. This is very important.
Give it a filename, and click save.
This should bring you back to the Editor.
Now you can click on the Save and Exit button.

If you are using IceChat 7.50 and above, it will auto-detect this is a IceChat 5 Script style.
So just paste the script into the Editor, and click on the Save and Exit button.
Giver it a filename, and voila.

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