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IceChat Version 5.11
« on: February 04, 2004, 10:38:09 PM »
As many of you already know, IceChat 5.11

is currently being worked on.

The Script Engine is getting an over haul, so this is taking some time to get the bugs

out. There have been of course many bug reports submitted, and most of them have already been taken care, most of which have

to do with improper scrolling, and the Fonts not saving properly.

The IceChat Updater is also going through a lot of

re-working, because, well, its long over due for it.

Please be aware though, it is a Beta Version, and some things

that may have worked in 5.10 may not work in 5.11 Beta, but we try and avoid this as much as possible. The major problems, if

any, are occuring with the Scripts.  

The IceChat Help File is also in the process of being updated, including the

Script Section.

Now for any of those people who do wish to download the Beta Version of IceChat 5.11, you can download

it at .
Unzip this file into the Program Files\IceChat5 Folder. This file does get updated

now and then, so there is no harm in trying to download it more then once. You can visit the #icechat support channel to ask

what the latest Beta Build is, and it will also be Posted in the Topic of the channel.

I would stronly

suggest you make a backup of the IceChat5.exe for Version 5.10, just in case something does happen to go badly wrong with the

Beta Version.
The IceChat God