Author Topic: Missing real help files for VBScripting.  (Read 5559 times)


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Re: Missing real help files for VBScripting.
« Reply #15 on: May 17, 2014, 01:25:26 PM »
Stupid me to make two times the same mistake.  :oops:

To overcome the $null problem you don't want to wait on a onjoin() in that channel with have clones.
Sometime you can wait a long time and therefore I make that test script.
First you test it on the others channels that working well with the and in favor of the what smaller ones.

Already had I try the Host(i)  = Getidentifier("$nick(" & Channel & "," & NickArray(i) & ").host") method but I get strange results.
Those results came back after Snerf give me that solution. Luckily a had now all those extra SendCommand() putting in.
There I found out that I had forgotten to put the # before the channel name.  :oops:
Normally the channel comes with the onjoin() command so that mistake shall not make later on.

Now could I leave out all those extra thing around the Host array, Dim, Redim, Redim Preserve.
But maybe others like to used them for some reason.

With the next post I hope to can show you the code for a other clone script. For now I am to tired.