Author Topic: IceChat 9 RC7.3 Released  (Read 1828 times)


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IceChat 9 RC7.3 Released
« on: September 20, 2013, 12:41:56 PM »
More fixes and improvements in this latest build.

Build RC 7.3 September 20, 2013
* Save window state on exit / system tray restore
* Save docked panel items positions and locations
* Can drag/re-arrange tabs for left and right panel items
* Fix issue with trying to close the Console Tab with close button
* Emoticon and Color picker options work better
* Option added to hide send button
* Change text back to proper rendering, no longer fuzzy
* Fix some issues with text selection (still improving)

The main issues being fixed are the fuzzy text, and the text selection.
While the text selection is not yet perfect, this is a great improvement.

The other main addition is that the side panel positions and order are now saved on exit.
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