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« on: March 01, 2012, 04:25:32 PM »
Dear Snerf:

I just began using IRC about 10 days ago, and it's been interesting to note the differences among the various clients I've experimented with.  For example, just accessing a network can be a major problem with Opera's chat since there (apparently) is no mechanism to use /QUOTE PASS [NUMBER] in a pinch.

But let me immediately address the thus-far-insurmountable problem I've had with IceChat 9.  On four separate occasions I've attempted a file transfer, with me on the receiving end. On the positive side, each of the four times my request was properly received,  I was promptly given an opportunity to ACCEPT, etc., I did accept, and the transfer began.  However it stopped immediately after it was initiated, with no successful transfer.  On each of these four separate occasions, multiple transfers were attempted, and all met a similar fate.  In all, about 12 transfers failed.  None succeeded. Nor did any transfer even really get underway--the word "Incomplete" appeared instantaneously, and all activity terminated.

With IRC, I'm coming to understand, file transfers are an uncertain affair, for a multiplicity of reasons having nothing to do with software problems of the client.  So for the purposes of scientific rigor, immediately before and immediately after I attempted a file transfer with IceChat I made an attempt with mIRC, whose software I'm using on a 30-day trial basis.  In all four cases I had no problem with the transfers, both before and after. 

In general, I've had a very high success rate for file transfers with mIRC, in excess of 95%.  With Opera and Chatzilla, I've had some successes, though the failure rate is far higher than with mIRC, probably around 50% (and that's when I'm able to get connected to the network in the first place, a recurrent problem with Opera and Chatzilla). 

I'd be extremely interested in any comments from you.  Am I doing something wrong?  Would I fare better with IceChat 7.33?  (By the way, where would any files be sent by IceChat?--mIRC  automatically sends them to a location about six levels deep into My Computer, while Opera sends them to My Documents, which first pops up and requires me to Save them before delivery. Also, mIRC's default setting is to ignore many kinds of files unless otherwise instructed.  Is IceChat configured similarly in default mode?)

Hoping you find time to respond, and appreciative of all your work on this project,

 Sincerely, graviton


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Re: Stymied!!
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IceChat 9 is still in the beta stages. This means the product will have problems.

If you want a fully working client, use IceChat 7.70. It is fully functional, has been for years.

I have zero.. yes.. zero, testers willing to help test the issues with DCC and IceChat 9. Thus, I can not fix the problems that are there. I can not fix the issues, until I have people willing to help test the issues, so they can be resolved.

Grab IceChat 7, and it places the files your Documents folder by default, which of course you can change to anywhere you want, in DCC settings.

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