Author Topic: Need Help with IceChat freezing up everytime I try to clickon an emoticon  (Read 1766 times)


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Hello-  I am using the latest version of IceChat.  Every time I try to click on an emoticon in the emoticon menu Icechat freezes up.  This has been happening consistently since I started using IceChat.  Any help that could be provided with this issue would be much appreciated. :-)


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Can you use emoticons otherwise, if you just type :) in the chat box, do they show up in the channel?

Can you provide me some information about your computer, what windows, etc?

Also, from the Help menu, debug items, check dll versions, can you paste the results here.

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Hello Snerf.  Thanks for the reply.  Yes, If I type the colon/parenthesis the smiley emoticon appears. 

Computer Stats:
HP G60 Notebook running Windows 7 home premium
Pentium Dual Core 2.10
3 GB's of Ram

I also run IceChat on a Desktop also an HP running Vista and am experiencing the same problem.

Here are the debug results:

[08:02 PM] Thank-you for using IceChat 7.63 Build 20080417
[08:02 PM] Our website is located at
[08:02 PM] Our Forum is at if you have any questions/suggestions or problems
[08:02 PM] If you are new to IceChat, please read the Quick Start Guide at
[08:02 PM] Please read Changes Log and IceChat7 Readme for information concerning this program. Both are accessable from the Help menu
[08:02 PM] ->> Checking for IceChat update
[08:02 PM] ->> You are running the latest version of IceChat (7.63) - latest released version is 7.63 released on 04/17/08
[08:03 PM] ->> You are not connected to a server ( /say > C:\Windows\system32\mswinsck.ocx version: : Installer Version is: )
[08:03 PM] ->> You are not connected to a server ( /say > C:\Windows\system32\mscomctl.ocx version = : Installer Version is: )
[08:03 PM] ->> You are not connected to a server ( /say > C:\Windows\system32\msscript.ocx version = 1.0.7600.16385 : Installer Version is: )
[08:03 PM] ->> You are not connected to a server ( /say > C:\Windows\system32\msvbvm60.dll version = : Installer Version is: )

Thanks for the help Snerf :-D :-D