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How to Add Emoticons: Ex. MtDew
« on: January 30, 2009, 03:59:29 PM »
 First download, create, locate a new icon you wish to use. For this example I chose a Mt. Dew can.

 To edit it find a program to edit images, MS paint,, gimp2 etc are all free. I had to experiment for a bit and using the other icons provided with IceChat I discovered that using a pink border had the best results. The icon size should be around 20px X 20px. Some experimenting and additional editing may be required in channel to obtain the correct look.

Once you have your new icon ready, open up Explorer and navigate to: pathtoicechat\IceChat\Emoticons

 Locate and open up the file named icons.ini in notepad or an editor of your choice. At the bottom of the page, create a new entry following the scheme already present containing the name of your new .bmp image. For a stock install of IceChat the entry for the mtdew.bmp would look like this:

Code: [Select]
n57=mtdew.bmp (dew)

Where n57= is the icon number in the icons.ini list. (for each additional icon the number will increase)
mtdew.bmp is the name of your new icon image.

 Save your edits made to icons.ini and in Icechat you must now "load" the new file. Click the Settings icon (CTRL+P on keyboard) and Uncheck "Use Emoticons" then click Apply. This unloads the Emoticons.

 Next, with IceChat Settings still open, re-check "Use Emoticons" click Apply and click Save.

Try out your new Emoticon which is now loaded in the Emoticon List!

Complete icons.ini list:

Code: [Select]
n1=regular_smile.bmp :-) :)
n2=sad_smile.bmp :-( :(
n3=shades_smile.bmp (H)
n4=teeth_smile.bmp :-d :d :D
n5=wink_smile.bmp ;-) ;)
n6=angel_smile.bmp (A)
n7=angry_smile.bmp :-@
n8=tounge_smile.bmp :-p :p :-P :P
n9=whatchutalkingabout_smile.bmp :-| :|
n10=confused_smile.bmp :-S :S
n11=cry_smile.bmp :'(
n12=embaressed_smile.bmp :$
n13=omg_smile.bmp :-o :o :-O :O
n14=devil_smile.bmp (6)
n15=asl.bmp a/s/l (?)
n16=bat.bmp :-[
n17=beer_yum.bmp (b)
n18=bowwow.bmp (&)
n19=broken_heart.bmp (U)
n20=heart.bmp (L)
n21=cake.bmp (^)
n22=camera.bmp (P)
n23=clock.bmp (O)
n24=coffee.bmp (C)
n25=dude_hug.bmp ({)
n26=envelope.bmp (E)
n27=film.bmp (~)
n28=girl_hands.bmp (x)
n29=girl_hug.bmp (})
n30=guy_hands.bmp (z)
n31=kiss.bmp (K)
n32=kitty.bmp (@)
n33=lightbulb.bmp (I)
n34=martini_shaken.bmp (d)
n35=moon.bmp (S)
n36=musical_note.bmp (M)
n37=phone.bmp (T)
n38=present.bmp (G)
n39=procent.bmp (%)
n40=rainbow.bmp (R)
n41=rose.bmp (F)
n42=wilted_rose.bmp (W)
n43=star.bmp (*)
n44=sun.bmp (#)
n45=thumbs_down.bmp (n)
n46=thumbs_up.bmp (y)
n47=pepsi.bmp (p)
n48=hamburger.bmp (hh)
n49=ashamed.bmp <(
n50=coke.bmp (co)
n51=coolsmile.bmp (h)
n52=hmmm.bmp (hm)
n53=icecream.bmp (ic)
n54=unexpected.bmp (ue)
n55=flirt.bmp (fl)
n56=sweet.bmp (sw)
n57=mtdew.bmp (dew)


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Re: How to Add Emoticons: Ex. MtDew
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2009, 06:35:31 PM »
One note addition to the above:

You can click on Refresh to reload icons.ini.   :wink: