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Auto Kick For PM
« on: February 25, 2008, 02:53:54 PM »
Whould This Work??

Im trying to get it so if someone PM's my bot, they are auto-kicked, and whatever they said in the pm is pm-ed to me by my bot. Will this script work??

on *:open:?:*:{
  if ($nick == TheCellist42) /return
  if ($me isop #SamF) && ($nick ison $v2) {
    msg #SamF $nick 12,15Do not PM/Ping/Time/Version/Finger me! | msg TheCellist42 $nick said ( $1- ) to $me | .timer1 1 3 /kick $v2 $v1 Dont PM/Ping/Time/Version/Finger me!

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Re: Auto Kick For PM
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2008, 06:14:52 PM »
Well, obviously it does not work, or you would not have asked :)

I can see you just copied it from some other mirc script, and a lot of those scripts will simply not copy across perfectly, as the mirc script engine in IceChat is a lot more primitive, and still a bit buggy.

A better solution is to start using the IceChat VB Script Engine, which is a lot more versatile, and not buggy.

Here is what you would like, using that kind of scripting.

Code: [Select]
Sub ONQUERY(Message,Nickname,Host,ServerNumber)
if Nickname = "TheCellist42" then Exit Sub
SendCommand "/msg #SamF Do Not Private message ther bot " & Nickname,ServerNumber
SendCommand "/msg TheCellist42 " & Nickname & " said (" & Message & ") to me",ServerNumber
SendCommand "/timer $randtimer 1 3 /kick #SamF " & NickName & " Do not Private Message the Bot",ServerNumber
End Sub
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