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IceChat 7 and SSL
« on: May 21, 2006, 03:44:45 PM »
For those of you who wish to connect to an IRC Server with SSL, the newest build of IceChat 7 (20060521) has this capability built into it. BUT, you will need to use an external program to make it happen. I strongly suggest a small program called Stunnel, as this is what I have used successfully to connect to a server with SSL. You can download the latest version of Stunnel at .

What I have done after I installed stunnel, as it wants to run as a service on a NT/2k/XP Machine, is I have created a batch file which starts the service, and a batch file that stops it, so I can start and stop the service with relative ease.

Place this in the batch file that starts the service. Below I will also show my example for the config file (irc.conf)
These files are all in the same folder as the stunnel program.

I called my batch file stunnel-start.bat

Code: [Select]
stunnel -install irc.conf
stunnel -start irc.conf

Here are the 2 lines that you can place in a batch file that stops the service.
I called this batch file stunnel-stop.bat

Code: [Select]
stunnel -stop irc.conf
stunnel -uninstall irc.conf

Here is an example of my irc.conf that I use to connect to certain SSL Servers.

Code: [Select]
cert = stunnel.pem

; Some performance tunings
socket = l:TCP_NODELAY=1
socket = r:TCP_NODELAY=1

; Authentication stuff
verify = 0

; Use it for client mode
client = yes
delay = yes




So, in the server editor, for these 3 servers, I set the server name as specified above, but instead of using the SSL Port, I use the port specified on
the accept= line. For instance, port 5002 for This will cause IceChat to connect to that local port, which stunnel is listening on, and it will forward to the proper port. which would be 6697 in that case.  Then, you will also need to check the box "Connect with SSL" in the Startup section.

You can create as many irc servers with ssl as you which, they just all need their own unique ports. They do not need to start at 5000, I just used that for an example.

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Re: IceChat 7 and SSL
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2007, 12:50:21 AM »
I think this might be helpful to some users. And easier for pretty much anyone that switches to and from SSL states often.

edit your Icechat.ini file located at C:\documents and settings\***\application data\icechat
*** is your current login name by the way.

n1=youricon.ico:/run C:\stunnel\stunnelstart.bat
n2=youricon.ico:/run C:\stunnel\stunnelstop.bat

Then make 2 batch files similar to the ones that snerf made with a couple additions to make it work from within icechat.

the first one will be called stunnelstart.bat and look like this:

cd C:\stunnel
stunnel -install irc.conf
stunnel -start irc.conf

the second we can call stunnelstop.bat

cd C:\stunnel
stunnel -stop irc.conf
stunnel -uninstall irc.conf

NOTE: make sure every location for the cd command and for the run commands are pointing to where you actually have stunnel installed. I used these locations because they go along with the other guide. Also, change the youricon.ico(s) to whatever icons you choose, make sure they actually point to something though, otherwise they will be sort of hard to click on since they aren't there.

Also make sure you save the batch files are in the same location as stunnel is installed otherwise they won't work.