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IceChat 7 Scripts / Re: CMD scripts
« Last post by Daxter on January 16, 2015, 04:14:34 AM »
Then change #drd to * or #
thx, it work
IceChat 7 Scripts / Re: CMD scripts
« Last post by Snerf on January 15, 2015, 09:15:17 PM »
Then change #drd to * or #
IceChat 7 Scripts / Help
« Last post by Daxter on January 15, 2015, 07:40:16 PM »
hello, its me again, i dont want to post again cuz im scared of spamming, ok here is my problem, i want the script below to work on any channel

on *:PART:#drd:{
/echo $nick has left $chan
it will notify me when someone left #drd but i want the script to notify me when someone left a channel, not just #drd
Your recommendation will be considered.
I apologise if this comes off as rude, but does that mean that my recommendation will be implemented within Icechat, or that you are at the very least considering it?

I'd be willing to go the extra mile to show you that this feature is especially bad - but if my initial post convinced you, please do let me know. I would love to help you make IceChat a better product, but I cannot help but read uncertainty in your post.
Thank you for your recommendation.
And if you were to switch the default setting to off, would you not be able to turn on the option if you do want it?
All I can say is, you can disable the option if you do not want it.
Would like to bump this post as I am not sure if it received any attention. Extra feedback is always helpful.
IceChat 7 Scripts / [1.0][Release] NickAlert
« Last post by Ndtm on December 22, 2014, 06:48:06 PM »
[What is NickAlert?]

NickAlert is a script where a user can be notified (Be that with a Sound Event/Logging to a custom channel or both) when a custom nick is said (or a completely random string not containing any spaces)

NickAlert is made to be easy to use which is why it uses dialogs(UI)
To open it you type "/menu" in chat
There is also one more command which is "/pings" and will disable all sound events (coming from the NickAlert script)
until you type it again which will then enable them to be played once again


<Channel Include/Exclude>
The user can specify for every nick if they want it to only trigger in certain channels (Include Mode) or
if they want it to trigger when it's said in any channel BUT the specified channel(s) (Exclude Mode)

<Case Sensitivity>
For every nick there's also a "Case Sensitive" option which means that has to match exactly in a message for it to trigger
(Ex: Nick = Ndtm, if "ndtm" is said in a channel it won't trigger while "Ndtm" will)

While there is a "Global Sound File" you can set
Every Nick can also have it's own associated sound file (Any Nick set to Ping but does not have a Custom Sound File set will default to the Global Sound File)
It's recommended to put any file you want to use in the "wavs" folder at "%appdata%\Local\IceChat\Wavs"
and then just writing the filename in either the Nick Specific or Default/Global Editboxes.
You can use a fullpath to a sound file outside of the "wavs" folder but it's not always guarantee'd to work
(Global Sound File can be set in the "Extra Settings")

If a nick is set to log and someone mentions the nick in a channel it'll go to a custom channel window
in a format like below:
Message Form: "12:00 In #Channel <Ndtm> Hello"
Action Form: "12:00 In #Channel: * Ndtm said hello"

It's possible to change the form in the "Extra Settings" but the actual forms look like this:
Message Form: "In \%C9<CHANNEL>\%C <<CNICK>> <MESSAGE>"
Action Form: "In \%C9<CHANNEL>\%C:\%C4 * <NICK> <MESSAGE>"

When the script triggers it replaces all the various <Function>'s into text, you can move them around
in the form if you want but they need to stay uppercase.
<CHANNEL> = The channel the message was said in
<NICK> = A Plain version of the Nickname of the one who sent the message
<CNICK> = A Colored version of <NICK>, it'll color the name based on the Messengers mode/rank in the channel the message was sent in
<MESSAGE> = The Message that was said
<NETWORK> = If you're on multiple servers and the channels you're in on both servers are the same you can use this one to know on which server it was said

And As you can see in the technical message form there's "\%C" + a number And then a "\%C" after it
They basically color parts of the line which will appear in the custom channel window
(If you want to change a color to other colors you'll have to go to the Color picker in the bottom left of icechat, hover over a color and take the number which appears
and then put it after the "\%C", Note: <CNICK> cannot be colored like this, use the regular <NICK> if you want to color it)


** v1.0 **
   Initial Release


Instructional Video:



Due to some limitation in the current UI you're required to press save whenever you change:
Global Ping Mute
The Following requires a nick to be selected first:
Case Sensitivity
Nick Setting (Off/Log/Ping/Both)
Channel Include/Exclude
NickSpecific Sound File

If you have any questions or bug reports you can either make a post in this thread and i might see it eventually or you may contact me directly on irc at: @ #icechat @ #ndtm
Usually on around ~3pm - 3am GMT+1

While i do accept any bug reports and suggestions there will be no guarantee that it'll be updated in the future
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