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Okay well thanks for your input anyway.P.S:There are two option boxes in Pidgin for the Text Replacement (If you're going to make a plugin for it)--they are:"Only replace whole words" & "Exact case match (uncheck for automatic case handling)".Just thought you should know...The first one replaces whole words only (basically it only morphs the text only once you press spacebar after you type a word in & not instantly like when deselected) & the second is the case sensitive option (remembers what capitalization you used & preserves it)...**I know I've made a mistake /w what the option buttons do in Pidgin--they are so confusing.For general purposes,"Only replace whole words" is more convenient as it converts the text irrespective of the capitalization...
IceChat 9 Wishlist / Re: Customizable /about
« Last post by Snerf on July 10, 2016, 06:16:25 PM »
Of course it supports colors, pressing CTRL-K will just enter \%C which is a color code inside the editor, and then just add the color number.
Getting the Gpu may not be so easy, as there is no standard way .Net, but it will get added to the ToDo list.
IceChat 9 Wishlist / Re: Customizable /about
« Last post by Patrik356b on July 10, 2016, 01:19:33 PM »
I completely forgot about the aliases editor  :|

Does it support colors? Not necessary for me but others might want to use that

One thing that might be quirky is when there are multiple gpu's in the machine, like shown in the picture above
IceChat 9 Wishlist / Re: Customizable /about
« Last post by Snerf on July 10, 2016, 11:23:05 AM »
Open the IceChat Editor, it opens to Aliases, where the /about alias is, and you can edit it there.
Currently, there is no $cpu , $gpu and $ram identifiers, but I can look into adding them for the next release.
IceChat 9 Wishlist / Customizable /about
« Last post by Patrik356b on July 10, 2016, 03:17:27 AM »
Currently this is a bit 'meh' i think:
Code: [Select]
Operating System  [Windows 8 Build No. 9200]  - Uptime [1 days 12 hrs 15 mins 7 secs]  - IceChat 9.13
But it would be great if we could customize this, maybe something like:

P.S. sorry for the DPI on the image
IceChat 9 Wishlist / Re: Some Suggestions on UI & Features/Improvements!
« Last post by Snerf on July 09, 2016, 01:46:29 PM »
- searching nicks in the nicklist, tried it, just not easy to implement, and not really needed with nick complete
- buddy list should be working with latest release (9.13)
- a lot of times, its is the font chosen that does not have support for a character set
- text replacement would be done through a plugin
- don't think a local alias has much use
IceChat 9 Problems / Windows 10 and Window Scrolling Problem with MouseWheel
« Last post by Snerf on July 05, 2016, 06:55:42 PM »
A lot of Windows 10 users are complaining that using the mousewheel in a chat window does not work. You have to manually use the scroll bar.

To fix this issue, you need to go to Device , and then Mouse & touchpad Settings, and disable the setting "Scroll inactive windows when I hover them"
IceChat 9 Problems / Re: Themes
« Last post by JukeBoxJoe on July 04, 2016, 05:24:44 AM »

It was a glitch...I deleted it and reinstalled it and now the themes are back.

Thank for your reply.
IceChat 9 Problems / Re: Themes
« Last post by Snerf on July 03, 2016, 02:15:34 PM »
No themes should have been taken away.
Look in your Data folder and see if the theme files are all still there.
They are the Colors-{Theme} and Messages-{Theme} files.
IceChat 9 Problems / Themes
« Last post by JukeBoxJoe on July 03, 2016, 01:47:04 PM »

I just downloaded the new ice chat 9.13 and i have noticed that theres only one theme available now...Is this a glitch or have they taken all the themes but one away now ?
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