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Title: IceChat 7 in Linux
Post by: Snerf on December 21, 2005, 01:52:05 AM
I had tried in the past (yrs ago) to get IceChat 3 to run in Linux using Wine, with no success.
Well, with the help from another user in #icechat, I thought I would try it again, and it actually worked.

Amazing, to say the least.  :mrgreen:

Yes, there are some errors, but this is almost to be expected, but it does work, for the most part.
It was tested with Wine version 0.9.3 , just recently released, and I installed WineTools as well.
I got it running under Redhat 9.

Here is a screen shot.

So least to say, I may be able to get it working better in Linux under Wine, as it does have some off glitches.
If I do manage to get it working to a good/working state, I will make a seperate package installer with the
best options set for Linux.
Title: Re: IceChat 7 in Linux
Post by: Nequissimus on December 21, 2005, 06:42:43 AM
This "other user" has been able to run it on Ubuntu 5.10 (Debian) with the gnome desktop and the latest wine (i guess 0.9.3 as well).

However, the options dialogues do not work... not yet :)
Title: Re: IceChat 7 in Linux
Post by: Snerf on December 22, 2005, 01:01:14 AM
Well, I ran it in KDE, but I have added a bunch of changes now, especially with Fonts and such, to make it look MUCH better.  I have only had it freeze once now, running it for quite some time, tested a few basic scripts on it, all works well.

The options window worked fine as well.
Wait for the next Alpha Release, it should work a lot better.
Title: Re: IceChat 7 in Linux
Post by: Snerf on August 19, 2006, 10:47:25 AM
Here is a list of what I did to make IceChat 7 run under Linux.
I used a program called "WineTools" to make the process a lot easier.
You can download it at

Once Winetools is installed, run "wt" from command line
UNDER - Base Install - and create windows drive
Install Arial TTF
Install DCOM98
Install MFC
Install IE6 SP1

UNDER Windows Software
Install Windows Script 5.6

UNDER - TrueType Fonts
Install Verdana Font
Comic Sans Serif

from command line -> wine icechat7-beta.exe
And cross your fingers.
Title: Re: IceChat 7 in Linux
Post by: Nequissimus on September 18, 2006, 06:55:12 AM
I have got 2 questions concerning this topic:

1. Are you going to develop Icechat 8? (I bet you are)
2. Will it be Windows-only again? (I mean without emulation)

Thanks :D

I have fully switched to Ubuntu and I do have problems with IceChat so I better use XChat.
Nevertheless, I am not really satisfied with XChat...
If you decided to go Linux you could find a very active daily user of your upcoming previews ;)

One offtopic questions:

Would you allow me to write a review of Icechat 7 for a German website as soon as the final is out? I would take my sister's laptop to test ;)
Title: Re: IceChat 7 in Linux
Post by: Snerf on September 18, 2006, 07:27:13 AM

Well, many people have asked about IceChat 8.
I can not give a definate answer if I will be developing it or not, but for the time being, I am not.
IceChat 7 will most likely be the last major version I plan on releasing. Of course, any minor fixes, etc, will still be coming out.

If I was to make IceChat 8, it will most likely be a Windows version again. And most likely, it will be written in .Net 2.0 as well.
I just don't see a large enough user base to make it work in Windows and Linux, that requires a large deal of extra work.

But again, I do not see myself developing IceChat 8, especially not a full blown client.

As for writing the review for IceChat 7, you are more then welcome to.