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Title: Multi user support
Post by: DaRude on August 30, 2004, 01:57:30 PM
I hope the multi user support in IceChat 6

will be implemented in a different way from IceChat 5. This may sound a bit rude, but I should actually say "the correct

way". Let me explain.

In IceChat 5 all the user settings are saved in the installation directory. This is no problem

(an actually the only way) with a legacy OS like Windows 98, but with the comming of windows 2000 and XP this could cause a

problem, namely that user who don't have permissions to write in the "c:\program files\"

directory can't save their personal settings. It is possible to create a profile for each user by using the profiler as an

Administrator, but again users can't change and save their settings.

In windows 2000/XP all programs should save the

user specific settings in the so called "Application Data" folder, which is located in each users personal profile in the

"Documents and Settings" folder. It is easely reachable by using the %AppData% variable (I could be wrong about

this, I'm no programmer  :). There's probably a better API specification for this)
. So in this case all

files created by IceChat after installation should be written to "%AppData%\IceChat\".

It would still be nice to have a profiler however, because that allows one user to have different profiles (for

different IRC servers perhaps).

I hope this will be implemented in IceChat 6, because I don't like the idea of giving

my 'mortal users' write permissions in "c:\program files\IceChat5\", which is the

workaround I'm currently using.

Thank you for your attention, see you later!  8)

btw, could the default DCC

send and recieve dir's also be changed to something like "%USERPROFILE%\my documents\"

Title: Multi user support
Post by: Snerf on August 30, 2004, 04:26:30 PM

I know exactly what your talking about, and yes,

this is being implemented into IceChat 6, using the proper folders.

The same goes for the DCC settings.
Title: Multi user support
Post by: DaRude on September 02, 2004, 02:15:44 AM
Cool. Thnx for the quick reaction. Succes with the

programming :)
Title: Multi user support
Post by: Snerf on September 10, 2004, 11:25:35 AM
This has now been successfully coded into the latest Alpha

version (0028), when it is released. It copes all config files into the Application Data\IceChat6 folder.

I thought

about keeping the Emoticons in the App Folder, but then realized, that those too can be changed, and individual users may

want different Emoticons. It could be moved to All Users , if it seems better fit for that, time will tell.

There isnt

a multi-user selection yet though, for those users who have the same user account on the PC, but wish to use different users

in IceChat.
This will eventually show up in a later version.
Title: Multi user support
Post by: Snerf on June 03, 2005, 10:29:53 PM
For those that may not know, IceChat7 will work this way as well, placing the settings in the AppData folder for NT/2k/XP users, and in the IceChat7 folder for 9x/Me.