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Title: Few ideas
Post by: ManXP on August 11, 2004, 01:31:07 PM
Hello. I have few ideas/improvements for IceChat

version 5.

1. I am missing one very nice feature from mIRC here. When user says anything and when i click on his nick,

user should be selected automatically in channel's users list. I think you know what i am talking about.

2.  There

should be separate menu on right click for user information. Now i need to click on user and select Information/User Info.

Should be nice to have User Info on just one click, no parent menu.

3. When you talk with user in private chat, it's

not able to get his personal info. I would like to get User Info when i click on the main chat windows with right button. Now

i need to go to main channel's list for info.

4. To be continued...
Title: Re: Few ideas
Post by: Snerf on August 11, 2004, 02:49:33 PM

I see another person that just wants

all mIRC features in IceChat. I am not an mIRC user, and thus, I dont know all the features it has.

Second, its

probably best to leave these suggestions for Version 6, as thats whats currently being developed.

1. I'll consider it

for Version 6.

Now, from the looks of things, 2 and 3 are already totally possible with IceChat 5, so I dont know why

you are suggesting that they should be added.

2. Its just a matter of editing the Popup menus. I am sure you are more

then capable of doing so. The nicklist popup is probably the one you want to look at.

3. I dont know what you mean by

'personal info', but double clicking in in the Query Window, does a whois on the person. If you want the user info box,

just add or make the Query Popup window, and add the Userinfo to it. Very simple to do, since the command is already in the

Nicklist popup.

Thanks for your interest in IceChat.