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Title: IceChat 9.20 Released
Post by: Snerf on October 27, 2017, 09:44:21 PM
* Add solution for AutoAway message spamming, will only send once every 30 mins now
* Reverse Ctrl-Pgup and Ctrl-PgDn keys to go in proper order
* Minor interface updates
* Fix issue with multiple /server id=x commands
* IceChat Updater now detects if you are using the .NET 4.5 Build or not and will update accordingly
* Fix bug where some menu items from the Channel Bar menu did not work properly
* Fix bug with certain SSL Servers not connecting
* Menu Styles are now saved
* Remove trailing spaces from settings in Server Editor
* Fix bug with splitting long messages
* Make some minor adjustments to the away settings
* Fix mode y/~ coloring problem with the Nicklist